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Ron rips into Trump on many different levels and none have anything to do with policies.... Guest: PGA Golf Champion Tim Herron

Ron is joined by actress/humorist Tori LaGarde in a romp through various topics.

Ron recalls his absurd trip to Maine.... Guest: Dr. Surkis Bedikian talks about resolving knee nad hip pain

Ron is confused in rest rooms and then complains about how long it takes for women to get ready... Guest: Anthony Ingham with W Hotels and their music festivals

No guests today. Just Ron spouting off.

Ron gets grumpy about social media security and light bulbs... Guest : Anne Flenner about people with acne and how social media deals with it.

Ron and actress/humorist Tori LaGarde have conversation about various topics

Ron rumbles through a miriad of frustrations.

Ron dumps on Trump and points out that he tends to hire felons.... Guest: Author Dan Blatt about the Great Depression.

Ron complains about strange variety acts and then rants on small talk interactions.... Guest: Author Anne Goodwin "Come To The Lake: Reflections on a Cottage and food

Ron complains about four year presidentail terms... Guest: Author Tito Abao "The Monograph of the Parallel Life of Tito Abao and Nero", who believes he was Nero in a past life.

Ron is visited by actress/humorist Tori LaGarde to discuss various topics.

Ron hits a number of subjects in this show of biblical proportions.. Guest: Brain Expert Michael Lewis

Ron compares life to a shopping cart. He then questions why certain celebrities are famous...Guest: Dr. Pepper Schwartz talks about relationships after 40.

Ron dumps on Trump's rise to dictatorship... Guest: Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek of The Weather Company

Ron wonders why women do certain weird things and then criticizes people who talk way too much.. Guest: Shalene McNeill is Executive Director of Nutrition for Beef Council

Ron grumbles about people he doesn't like and then takes a swipe at men's room attendants... Guest: Meteorologist Bonnis Schneider "Extreme Weather"

Ron hits a number of subjects in this episode in his sarcastic manner... Guest: Gretta Monahan "Stomp Out Bullying"

Ron talks about Trump's banning of a reporter at a White House event. The show turns to a comparison between moral intelligence and stupidity... Guest: Jason Bryant is an "active s...

Ron devotes this episode to the embetterment of all humanity...Guests: Felicity Eliot and Julian Creme of Share

Ron needs to have a blood test, but is bad at taking tests. He is reminded about his mother's need for secrecy...Guest: Dr. Julie Gatza about foods that upset your digestion at BBQ...

Ron thinks the word "meddling" isn't strong enough. He then complains that Confucius must have been annoying..... Guest: Author ME Sims "A Little Bit of Pleasure" about sex and you...

Ron continues to express his political frustrations, then he wakes up to Paula Deen banging her pans.. Guest: Woman's Health Expert Dr. Donnica Moore talks about painful sex 

Ron continues to find great disdain for Trump ... Guest: Chef Jeff Anderson talks about natural food recipies 

Ron comments on some topics and then does an extended interview with author DB Moffatt "The Misbirth"

Ron departs from the humor to negatively comment on Trump's meeting with Putin... Guest: Susan Grissom, Chief Industry Analyst for the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacture...

Ron imagines a day without talking and noise. He also relays a story about dangedrous flip flops, other stuff... Guest: Summer Business Expert Ramon Ray talks about ways to experim...

Ron figures out Trump's biggest mental problem. Ron then drinks at a Mexican restaurant... Guest: Author Karen Gross "Lady Lucy's Quest"

In this special episode, Ron departs from his monologue type show and performs some of the magic trick/ illusions that have made him famous throughout the world...(performance tail...

While Trump destroys the world, Ron talks about flipping burgers and phone booths... Guest: CloudCoin creator and author Sean Worthington

Ron wonders what happened to the hippies, talks about his hand held hose, and tries to figure out the Trump/Putin thing.... Guest: Sommelier for Capital Grille Brian Phillips about...

Ron remarks on how there is no intelligent life on this planet.... Guest: Humane Society and President of Wildlife Trust Andrew Rowan

Ron hits many topics about dollar stores, Trump's ignorance, not being a friend, the gym. and other stuff... Guest: Dr. Ellen Marmur about wrinkles on the hands

Ron isn't real happy about July 4th this year, realizes we are an unknowing product of our parents, write stuff down... Guest: Andrew Rowan with Wildlife Land Trust

Ron looks at the July 4th holiday traditions, including the mystery of the hot dog, mosquitos, and fireworks..... Guest: Dr. Elisa Mazzaferro about pets in cars

Ron debunks famous history facts and shares his boring school days... Guests: Olympic Medalist Natasha Walley and Eric Wedin from Honda about honoring athletes

Ron has lost trust in his GPS lady in the car; What's Up With Trump?.... Guest: Author Danielle Mac "Skooter Girl" superhero adventures

Ron complains about annoying little kids, getting your head stuck in a chair, and office supply stores... Guest: Author Ashlee Piper "Give a Sh*t: Do Good, Live Better, Save The Pl...

Ron embraces the "Whatever" response, makes fun of the "Officials", and suggests what not to feed your dog.. Guests: Party Planning Experts Julian Clark and Piera Pizza

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