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Ron tries to find an explanation for Kraft's massage parlor adventure, recalls his cheeseburger experience, and realizes that it's Spring.....Guest: Food Expert Dawn Blatner about ...

Ron hits a number of topics including dry cleaning, powerball losers, hair styling, and other stray offerings... Guest: Dental Advisor Kareen Wilson

Ron does a bit more Trump dumping, talks about his life with loose change, and chats with New York fashion designer Elesia Carey about Spring fashions.

Last 2 out of 3 Presidents lost the popular vote, yet still were Presidents. Ron also comments on his disdain for mirrors...Guest: Chef Edward Lee "Buttermilk Graffiti"

Actress/Humorist/Oracle/Dialect Expert Tori LaGarde accompanies Ron on a romp through various topics: Everyone Is Sick, Shovel This, Don't Update, Casting, Grass Roots?, Would You ...

Ron honors St. Patrick's Day by lampooning boiled dinners, pots of gold, drinking, and weird dances...Guest: Author Roger Higgins "Billy Gogan"

Ron explores the world of strange sexual fetishes and warns about the summer sun.. Guest: Jodi Grant and Barry Ford with After School Alliance and Trump's cutting of funding

Ron talks about the college entrance scam and how rich people buy their way around the system. He also pays tribute to his underwear...Guest: Elesia Carey does the Chit Chat Segmen...

Ron complains about the aging body and it's hair situation, then comments on weather reports that seem too obvious...Guest: Author Robert Levinson "The Leper Messiah"

Actress/Humorist/Oracle Tori LaGarde joins Ron today for a romp through various topics: Smelly Skunks, Lottery Winner Takes The Chunk, Jackson Documentary Woes, Judge Leans Right, ...

Ron talks about foods that turn his stomach and make no sense. He also tells a story about his recent mishap....Guest: Dr. Rachna Patel "CBD Oil Solution"

Ron talks about how money and power corrupt, how space aliens might view us, and how destination weddings are stupid.....Guest: Author Ella Schwartz with National Geographic Kids "...

Ron complains about long hold times for customer service, Chefs who add naughty ingredients, and pumping his own gas. Guest: Chef James Briscione from The Food Network

Ron Van Dam and Elesia Carey's weekly "Chit Chat" is a short weekly social topic segment. Today: Alone Time

Ron does his usual observational complaining about Friendly's, internet ads, camping, and other stuff..Guest: Author William H. Coles "McDowell"

Actress/Humorist/Oracle Tori LaGarde spends The time with Ron on today's show. Some topics include LIar Underpants On Fire, Buffet Plates, Cause You're Supposed To, Server Tips, Vo...

Ron talks about Trump's problems and ponders what a Kushner is doing in government... Guest: James Geary is author of "Wit's End"

Ron and Elesia talk about how successful people act.

Ron tries to correct the Republican Party as he reviews the Cohen testimony and prepares for a colonoscopy...Guest: Dr. Rajesh Kesswani about colonoscopies

Ron doesn't know which liar to believe less and tries to guess what Trump will promise Kim for nothing in return.....Guest: Chris Tuff is the "Millennial Whisperer"

New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft makes some illegal sexual choices... Guests from the NSA, DOD, and Scotland Yard talk about cyber security

Ron's guest is Actress/Humorist/Oracle/High Priestess Tori LaGarde...Some Topics: ASMR; What's Up Jusse?; Mueller Report Waiting; Would You Rather?

Poor Ron has a cold today. He wants to know when the wise person comes down from the mountain...Guest: Rev Reginald Davis and Connie Harshaw about the "Freedom Bell"

Ron sees his dermatologist and talks to people who get depressed in the dark....Guest: Chef Melissa King and IBM's Jeff Wasler

Ron recalls his father trying to bond with him while fishing. Then, Ron tries to figure out how to cleanse his body......... Guest: Dr. Julie Gatza about digestion.

Ron and Elesia do a short show about common social issues. Today: Horoscopes: Do You Believe Them?

Ron must say bye bye to sugar, wonders why there are still libraries, and claims that we have lost our foundation...... Guest: Chris Byrne "The Toy Guy" LIVE at New York Toy Conven...

Ron is joined by Actress/Humorist/Oracle/Member FDIC Tori LaGarde... Some topics: Presidents Day?; Junk Stories; White House Dog; Would You Rather?; Other Stuff

Ron has a blood test with urine on the side. He then tries to figure out why people are so disrespectful. He also wonders if there are any "perfect couples"...Guest: Dating Expert ...

Ron finds Trump to be critical of all except himself and then talks about Valentine's Day...Guest: Dr. Charles Davidson, Chief of Cardiology at Northwestern

Ron does a comedy tragedy thing. He talks about wanting to become a doctor and then regrets being called "sir"....Guest: Author Cheryl Heser about grieving "Walking At The Speed of...

Ron Van Dam and Elesia Carey pick one topic and comment upon it on this weekly social program. This week: how the rules of dating have been altered

Ron monologues it today about many topics: rewriting the Constitution, horrible food shopping, sending pictures of your junk, why we need to stop saying that anyone can be Presiden...

Ron is joined by Tori LaGarde on today's show to discuss various socially bizarre topics.

Ron looks at nasty lawyers, cockroach naming rights, and that annoying Baby Shark song..Guests: authors Jim and Jamie Dutcher lived in the wild with wolves "Running With Wolves"

Ron talks about the Virginia Governor's yearbook scandal and then easily shifts his comments to Trump...Guest: Veteran's Affairs EXpert Randy Kardon discusses vision loss.

Ron talks about religious beliefs (in a humorous way) and then points out that knowledge can sometimes be a bad thing.....Guest: Dr. Donnica Moore discusses the reality of sex afte...

Ron and Elesia Carey do a weekly segment on social issues. Today, they look at engaging in arguments.

Ron learns through the ancestry DNA thing that he is part British and he becomes consumed... Guest: Terry Redican is AP Vice President at The College Board

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