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Ron explores the Halloween thing and the subsequent annoyance... Guest: Elesia Carey joins Ron for a Chit Chat Segment about intuition 

Ron complains about words that mean the opposite; the world of vacuum cleaners that don't suck; other stuff... Guest: Consumer Expert Jen Jolly talks about the BIRD scooter sharing...

Actress/Humorist Tori LaGarde pays her weekly visit to have conversation with Ron.. Topics: Halloween Stuff; Dental Lollipops; Childhood Curses; Would You Rather?; Transgender Surv...

Ron runs into a bunch of stupid and/or ignorant people; Samsung and Apple have manipulated us... Guest: Author Greg Sargent "An Uncivil War" about the apparent decay of democracy

Ron looks at how a President views violence; my flu shot experience.. Guest: TV Chef Ingrid Hoffman visits Ron to do some baking

Ron displays how Trump and Pence boldly lied about caravan; you didn't win the Mega Millions....... Guest: Dr. Julie Gatza about the evils of sugar 

Ron warns you against winning the MegaMillions....Guest: Timeshare exit expert Gordon Newton

Actress/Humorist Tori LaGarde visits Ron to comb through many topics with a bold disregard for normality.

This episode is an interview special that features experts in many different areas...Alison Jacobson about smart homes for seniors; Author Dale Gillham about accelerating Your Weal...

Ron wanders the aisles of his local pharmacy to discover odd items rthat make no sense...Guests: Singer/Songwriter Alex Martin....Katie Echeverry celebrates Barbie's toy anniversar...

Ron sarcastically rummages through a number of social and political topics... Guest: Author Jim Lindsay "Swerve"

Ron does a "chit chat" segment with Elesia Carey about dressing up..Ron gives his thoughts on a childish President

Ron discovers the greatest ills of society. Songwriter Amy Lee provides a backdrop for Ron's discussion about dreaming......Guest; Dr. Luis Romano about getting a flu shot

Ron is joined by Actress/Humorist Tori LaGarde for a Monday romp through various issues and games.

Ron thinks he's nothing but a phlegm factory; reasons not to live in certain places... Guest: Dr. Donnica Moore about IBS-D

Ron was bothered by someone wanting a political contribution. He also comments on the intensity of storms... Guest: Russ Schrader Exec. Director National Cyber Security Alliance

Ron is scared to go into a Starbucks and compares coffee shop coffee to gas station coffee.... Guest: Dr. Michael Lewis about CBD

Ron doesn't fit in school buses anymore. He also complains about being surrounded by people (as usual)... Guest: Expert Dawson Hobbs about the confusion around marijuana being lega...

Ron reveals some misinformation about Columbus and tries to understand why some people think the Earth is really flat... Guests: Dr. John Kontor about unnecessary drugs...Margaret ...

Ron visits Vermont and gets bored; Why do people tend to sit near me?... Guest: Food Expert and Author Pat Baird talks about ham

Ron complains about things that are both curious and incredibly annoying. 

Ron looks at trying to be motivated into doing things and further comments on the plight of women....... Guest: Mark C. Perna "Answering Why"

Ron is fed up with this Feredal Government cast of characters: Everybody is fired, and the head Bozo is the first to go..... Guests: HGTV Design Expert Kelly Edwards.... "The Garag...

Actress/Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation about various topics.

Ron devotes 90 minutes to an all-interview special..Guests: Trucker Eric Fuller aa a career truck driver; Craig Chapman, CEO PanFed talks about mortgages; Melissa Ridolfi with Fide...

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