Archive for September 2014

White House Intruder, Fall Foliage, Autumn Deceptions

Useless Education, Useless Trump, Bad Fox News, Visit to The Olive "place where they grow flowers"

Guests: Shannon Cook "Music Tastes in College", Darryl Roberts "Sexualization of Our Youth",Cost of War, Ignorant People, News Items

Topics: Condom Expert Matthew Hussey, Donating Eggs To Pay Off Loans, Different People

Ron is joined by Attorney David Cassella and P.I. Mark Chauppetta

Guest Victoria Wainwright discusses Ballot Questions, Men and Women

Doctor Visit, GM Recall, Climate Change

Body Parts, Congress, Scotland, Movie Theaters, Small Talk

Author Megan Shull, Power Plant Update, Various Stuff

Having breakfast with Attorney David Cassella and Private Detective Mark Chauppetta, who are also weird

Victoria Wainwright joins Ron for an hour of bizarre conversation.

Trash, Car Brakes, Waiting, Voice Accents

Brockton Downtown, Casino Ballot Question, Campaign Financing, Bad Burgers

Guest: Paige Rawl...Topics: Iphone6, Joan Rivers,Northern LIghts

Chef Leticia, Telemarketers, Male Contraceptive, Solar Flares

Breakfast with Guests: Attny David Cassella, Private Investigator Mark Chauppetta

A Little Bit About Brockton, Cell Phones, A Picture of Someone's Family

Funerals, Medical Procedures, Asteroids

Interviews with Authors: Eric Schlosser about Nuclear Weapons and Tim about Gay Priests

Vacuuming, Mowing, Short Work Weeks

Guests: Tori Wainwright, Mark Chauppetta

Annoying Children, School Bus, Mood Rings

Chased out of Florida, Joan Rivers, Kids Hit by Cars

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