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10/3/22 Sports Hell

Ron isn't very interested in sports.. and here's why. They make no sense.

Ron doesn't understand tailgating in a parking lot, driving strangers around in your car, or having a possible serial killer stay overnight in your house.... Guest: David Mitchell ...

Ron hits numerous topics of things that make no sense.

Ron goes to the movies to get some good sleep. He also comments on excuses to end social visitations. 

Why do we find obsessive fascination with crazy rich gold-plated disfunctional egotists?...... Guest: Senka Hadzimuratovic "Grammarly"

Ron's advice to you is to shut up. It works for long lasting relationships. He also likes to remember the simpler times....... Guest: CVS VP Sandra Leal talks about flu vaccines

9/23/22: 99.9% Insanity

Ron won't eat raw fish anymore because that's just crazy. He also comments on spray cleaners that kill 99.9% of germs, which falls just short of commitment..... Guest: Dr. Ken Duck...

9/22/22 Nyquil Chicken?

Ron recognizes that he is basically unlucky. He also relays a news item that some people are foolishly cooking chicken in Nyquil. Are we all really treated equally in the eyes of t...

Ron loves velcro shoes because he hates laces. He also tries to enjoy drinking tea, but can't quite get into it..... Guest: Dr. Charlene Gamaldo talks about insomnia

Ron reviews the various stages of life and how we become more disillusioned.... Guest: Paul Sladkus with "Pause The World For Peace"

Ron recalls a date with a girl who loved to watch porno. He also talks about Jimmy Dean and his sausage..... Guest: Dr. Rajeev ia a gut health expert

Ron notes that we're approaching pumkin overkill time. It's interesting how we are consumed with traditions..... Guest: William Miller is the Public Safety Director at Norfolk Sout...

Ron recognizes that certain brands have become  the namesake of their industry. He also tries to figure out Ikea stores...... Guest: Audiologist Dr. Cliff Olson about hearing loss

Ron talks about the "My Pillow" guy because the FBI seized his phone. Ron also shares his opinion of weight loss apps.......... Guest: Child Safety Experts Torine Creppy & Bria...

Ron doesn't like the part of award shows when they recap which celebrities died that year. He also has trouble believing that really famous actors are playng characters. Ron takes ...

Ron doesn't understand apple picking, melon squeezing, fire pits, and leaf raking. Other than that, he's good..... Guest: Michael Fisher about Vet Centers

Ron wonders why women put their hair up in a bun.  He also reflects on royal traditions..... Guest: Celebrity Couple Jorge Bernal & Karla have some incredible pork recipes

9/8/22 Jury Duty Hell

Ron recalls his continual jury duty experiences, and not in a pleasant way.... Guest: Dr. John Pandolfino about acid reflux concerns

Ron is disappointed in our higher learning practices and how we purposely damage students and their futures in the name of misguided capitalism..... Guest: Expert Anthony Corrino

Ron notices that we seem to have an obsession with carrying around water bottles, coffee, and eating donuts. It's actually very odd..... Guest: Dave Pilkey is Captain Underpants

Ron looks at people in power who wear robes. He also advocates to get rid of pennies.... Guest: HVAC Expert Anthony Carrino

Ron thinks that holidays are really misunderstood. He also takes a hard look at hot dogs and when we eat them...... Guest: Dr. Tina Bhutani about living with psoriasis

No topic is off limits today..weird wedding dances, annoying airlines, coffee rituals, rival drug stores, macaroni & cheese, and many more... Enjoy

Ron doesn't understand the Uber concept. He also hates to paint rooms...... Guest: Dr. Laura Erickson Schroth talks about the mental status of returning school kids

Ron talks about two extremes with no middle. He also couldn't recognize the musical artists at the Music Awards. Ron continues with his obsession for being the Pope and takes an od...

8/26/22 Teachable Moment

Ron talks about teachers in school and their real effect on children in a classroom setting..... Guest: Antonia Murphy is a "Farm Dirty Chick"

8/25/22 College Of Fools

Ron gives his opinion on how school prepares you for nothing in real life and college is often just an education in wasting your money........... Guest: Dr. Inbrahim is a dinosaur ...

You had better lie if a woman asks you if she looks fat. Also, Ron has taken the title of Doctor because he has proclaimed it to be so.... Guest: National Geographics Author Kather...

Ron finds a similarity between house cleaning and his dentist. He also comments on fortune cookies, horoscopes, being in control of your life, foot fungus, and white pants.

Ron finds it difficult to be nice because you can't trust most people. He also is fed up with robotic customer service..... Guest: Lifestyle Expert Siri Daly

Ron wonders where the "peace and love" generation went, because that was a nice thing.... Guest: M.E. Sims "A Little Bit Of Pleasure"

Ron dabbles in the psychology of getting your "hair done".... and that lousy picture of you on your driver's license is actually what you look like.... Guest: Author and Nuclear Sc...

Ron really respects women. They go through so much more than a man does. He explains in this "pontificational" episode.

8/16/22 Condoms On Parade

Ron talks about getting pregnant, even though he never was.... And why do some couples have so many children?............. Guest: Ben is CEO of "Condomania"

Ron talks about crazy apartment rental prices. He also seeks to filter out all of the outside news and information that is overloading his brain.... You too?... Guest: National Geo...

The CDC says COVID restrictions are over. Ron thinks that school homework should be outlawed, but school days should be longer. ..... Guest: Yellowstone National Park Spokesperson ...

Yes, it's coming close to returning to school, which is often to the horror of both students and teachers........... Guest: Dr. Preeti Perikh

(repeat from 8/11/21) Ron helps you master the art of seeming to care, but you really don't. He also comments on people who wear ripped jeans...... Guest: Teacher/Rapper Dwayne Ree...

Ron complains about those that think they are above the law, like "you know who"... It's not my first rodeo.. I guess I'll never be the Pope..... Guest: Author Diane Hunter "Oh Gre...

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