Archive for October 2014

Female Rock Group "The Mrs.", Adopting, Halloween Trick or Treating, Disgusting Germs, Turn Clocks Back

Halloween Kids, Travel Expert Stephanie Oswald, Providence Mayoral Circus

Guests: Tori Wainwright and Mark Chauppetta.... I have no idea what we talked about.

Cigarette Sales Ban, Money Driven Government, Data Drain, Gambling Question

Weather Conversations, Hospital Infections, Becoming Vapid, HazMat Stocks, Bad Restaurant, Political Parties

Food Waste, Telephone Solicitations, Donating

Guests: Radio Personality Froggy, Country Artist Darius Rucker....Topics: Commuter Rail, If I Were King with a Puppet Government

Guest: P.I. Mark Chauppetta...Topics: Cat Stevens, Aging Process, Mark's TV Pilot, Farting and Excessive Gas

Ron is joined by Victoria Wainwright, Topics: Air Bag Recall, Sexy Street Advertsing, Conspiracies, Meditation, Climate Change/Winter Forecasts, other topics

Stupid Kids Jaywalking, Stupid Keene Pumpkin Riots

Seth Rogen's wife Laura Rogen, Diabetes

Hate Snow, Gas Prices, Requirements to live in Florida

Guest Panel: Attny David Cassella, Private Investigator Mark Chauppetta

Ron co-hosts with Victoria "Tori" Wainwright.

Columbus Day Special: Ron reveals the real story about Chris Columbus.

Guest: TV Food and Party Expert Sandra Lee,  Ron discusses his dislike of Halloween and Columbus Day

Gay Rights, The Digital Answer Man, NBC Football Permission

Co-Host Tori Wainwright: Halloween Decorations, Memorials, Having a Drink, Other Stuff

Author Alan Fox, VoTech Education, CNN, Various Gripes

Flu Shots, Scott Brown, Fair Trade Certification, Trash Collection

Dentists, College Campus Sexual Assaults, Local Horse Racing

High Priced Satellite Radio Subscriptions, Trying To Cancel A Service, Investing

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