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How Was Your Thanksgiving?, TheraFlu, Everybody's Coughing

Guest Co-Host: Attny David Cassella..Topic: Ferguson, MO

Co-Host: Tori Wainwright.. Topics: Cosby Curry Fetish, Zodiac Signs, Various Other Topics

Black Friday Sucks, Going Home, Jackie Kennedy Onasis, KIds Should Get A Job

The Flu, "Happy" Holidays, Buffalo Snow, Cardio and Supplements

Ron's Young Adulthood Dating in NYC, Bill Cosby

Guest Co-Host Mark Chauppetta..Topics: Another Bill Cosby Woman, Bed Habits, Pooping Comfort, HGTV, and much more weird stuff

It's Tori Tuesday with Ron's Co-Host Tori Wainright. Topics: Hairy Feet, Bill Cosby, Burning Breasts at Hookah Bar, Free Dimes, Extreme Exercise, and much more

What's Up With Canada?, Back Pain, Football Men and Football Women, Bad Newspaper

Generac, Run DMC, Blood Tests

Excerpt from "My Bowels Shall Move", Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, other stuff

Guest Co-Hosts: Tori Wainwright, Mark Chauppetta....Topic: I have no idea what we talked about.

Ron Begins Detoxifying His Body, Pizza Slices

Detox Broth, Vets, Life of a Pet, Ron's Birthday

Protruding Body Parts, Expedia at Disney, Reality Shows, Eaten Alive By Anaconda

Spring Water, Warm Bread, Pedestrian Accidents, Lung Disease

Guest: Attny David Cassella... Erection Result Conversations

Erection Day Special, Negative Political Commercials, Don't Trust People, Ballot Questions Beyond the Ballot

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Elections vs. Erections, Coffee Drive-Thru, Dunkin Donuts, Not Paying Attention

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