Archive for December 2014

Guest co-host: Mark Chauppetta... Topics: Nothing Really

Tori Wainwright joins Ron for a romp through every aspect of social inconvenience....or something like that.

Topics: Going To The Gym, The Weird Days Between Holidays, Frozen Yogurt Stores In The Winter

Returning Gifts, Holiday Small Talk, General Stuff

Actress Candace Cameron from Full House, Consumer Advocate Calvin Brophy, Ron dissects Christmas and Everything About It

Tori Wainwright joins Ron in discussions about the latest on Cosby, Internet Hacking, Facebook Friends That Aren't, Strange Phrases, and so much more stuff.

Guest: Writer/Comedian John Shanahan........... Topics: A Whole Bunch O'Stuff

Guest: Legendary Comedian Pat Cooper....Ron's Topics: North Korea Cyber Attacks, Dr.Oz Product Whoring

Holiday Traditions, Damn Sparkles, Surgery, Doctors and Dentists, Bad Childhood Pet Stories

More Cosby Talk, Holiday Weight Gain, Mail Carrier Gifting, Guest:, Sony Pictures Terror Threat

Co-Host: Tori Wainwright......Topics: Over Thinking People, Search Engine Names, Relying On Computers, Mark Wahlberg, Religion

Dressing Like a Slob, Hearing Loss, FEMA, Too Many Apps

CNN's Shanon Cook, Streaming Music, Time Capsules, More Cosby, Ron's Childhood Homes, The Luxury of Not Knowing Things, Julie Edelman

Cop Sending Vile Video, Cosby Somnophiliac?, Releasing Torture Reports, Other Stuff

Guest Co-Host Mark Chauppetta....Relationship Issues

Co-Host: Tori Wainwright... Topics: Royalty, Family Trees, Past Lives, REmembering Things, other stuff

Guest: Calvin Brophey of Consumer Protection Squad.......Dr. Deb Carlin on Overcoming Obstacles...How Power Corrupts, Eaten By A Snake

Topics: People Who Like To Hope, Guest: Dick Larson - Alien Theologist

The Bill Cosby Saga, The Ray Rice Saga, Celebrity News In My Face, Nancy Grace, Touched by Men?... Sponsor: National Geographic

Guest Co-Host: P.I. Mark Chauppetta... Breakfast Podcast

Co-host: Tori Wainwright...Topics: Ferguson, Pedestrians, Chris Rock, Eating Habits, Zombies, Other Stuff

Internet Down, I Hate Glitter, Protecting Your Identity

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