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Co-Host is Tori Wainwright....Topics: Sports That Hurt You, Stupid People Things, A Dinklage Game of Thrones, Disturbing Aspects Of Wizard of Oz, So Sick Of Snow, Other Stuff 

Topics: My Missing Socks, What's In A Name?, The Mystery Of Dry Cleaning, Making Your Pantry Healthy, Southern Ladies

Topics: I Hate Snow, Why Don't Kids Shovel Anymore?, Becoming Your Parents, ...Guest: Humorist Antonia Murphy: About Pooping Farm Animals

Topics: Snowstorm, More Deflategate, Rhode Island Attorneys, The Irony of Lobster Macaroni and Cheese, Other Stuff

Guest: Actress Jennifer Beals....Topics: Florida, Wearing Socks, Dollar Stores, Other Stuff

Topics: People Who Can't Cook, The New Weight Watcher's Cookbook, Leggings, Crock Pots, More Stuff

Topics: Chinese Food, Odd Choice of Uniform Colors, Sandwiches,... Phone Guest: Opioid Addiction

Topics: State of the Union, I Don't Understand Panera Bread, More Deflated Balls, "Third Box" Clinics

Ron and Tori discuss; Freedom of Speech, Stupid People, The Flu, Deflated Balls, Asteroid Near Miss, Being A Leader Or A Follower, Tons of Other Stuff

Topics: Annoying and Talentless Celebrities, Working Out, Lemon or Lime?

Topics: Disruptive Protests, Plaid Clothes, The Odd Cuisine of Hot Pots and Boiled Dinners, Digestive Health with Dr. Raj

Topics: Thermal Underwear Syndrome, Fetal Surgery, The Purpose of Kids, Other Stuff

Topics: Why Can't We Get Along?, Complete Freedom of Speech?, Changing My Name to Juan, Guest: Lyn-Genet Recitas "The Plan"

Tori Wainwright joins Ron for conversation about contemporary topics. 

Topics: Extending The School day?, Ron's Girl Encounter In French Class, What's Up With Re-Fried Beans?

Topics: Ron's Classroom Celebrity Encounter, Childhood Pets, What Are You Wearing Today?, Guest: Dr. David Katz

Topics: Ear Hair, My Sexy Dermatologist, It's Cold, Other Stuff.........Guest: Dawna Stone (14 Day Diet)

Ron is joined by Tori Wainwright. Topics: More Cosby Stuff, Cards Against Humanity, Facebook Likes, What Are You Wearing?

Topics: Cosby Update, Who is Paul McCartney?, Affordable Health Care Act Tax Penalty (sponsored by H&R Block), Banks and Supermarkets Sucking Up To Me

Topics: Name Tags, Bus Stop Clothing, High School Gym Class, Parents Having Sex,...Guest: Matt Hussey Talks About Condoms

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