Archive for February 2015

Topics: Going To My Physical at the Doctor, I'm So Sorry...Guest: Vicki Lawrence about Hives. Tori joins in.

Guest: Gerard Aartsen..Alien Beings, Masters of Wisdom

Topics: Mother Couldn't Cook Well.....Guest: Bruce Piasecki author "Missing Persons"

Tori Wainwright joins Ron to talk about airline attitudes and some of Tori's recent Miami trip.

Topics: Going To The Eye Doctor, Wearing Glasses, Who Are You Wearing?, The "Official" Furniture Store, Meteorolgist Jim Clambaker

Topics: Giuliani Gone Wild, Drink More Coffee?, Eat More Eggs?, Smokin' At The Dude Ranch, Horses?

Topics: Pissing Off Listeners, Other Stuff...Guest: IBM's Dataverse

Topics: College Really?, Despising The Kardashians, News and Weather Teases, Other Stuff...Guest: Talking About AP Courses 

Topics: Fire Hydrants, Shopping Carts, Weather Updates,.. Other Stuff....Guest: Author Alan Fox about Love Relationships

Topics: Pope Gives Opinion, Presidents Day..Really?, Daughter of Mother Nature... Guests: Lauren Fix at Chicago Auto Show, Dr. Tracy Stevens about Heart Health

Topics: More Valentines Day, More Snow, More Meteorologist Jim Clambaker, MBTA, Ron Saved A Life?

Topics: Valentine's Day, Not Understanding Greeting Cards, Snow Responsibility, Pope Says Too Much....Guest: Dr. Donnica Moore about sexual pain

Co-Host: Tori Wainwright.  Ron and Tori discuss Brian Williams, The Snow, Parkas, Boots On The Ground, Other Stuff

Topics: Mother Nature, School Days, Boston Transit, Kelly Blue Book

Topics: Sick of Snow, Ron in Rochester NY,.. Guest: Shari Belafonte (with Tori)

Topics: Bill Cosby performs in Boston, Coldest Day Again, Six Year Old Scared Straight, Brian Williams Scandal,..Guest: Dr. Tomothy O'Leary

Topics: I Don't Care, Religion Fees, Gay and Lesbian Conference, Other Stuff

Tori Wainwright joins Ron to discuss various topics.

Topics: School Snow Days, Dressing in Layers, World Champions?, No Place To Put The Snow, Trying To Describe A Duck Boat, Carmen & Camille, Other Stuff

Topics: Learning Life Lessons From A Football Player?, Farmers Who Write Almanacs, Bad Groundhog Day Predictions,.. Guest: Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia

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