Archive for March 2015

Topics: Your Medical Chart, My Physical....Guest: Elizabeth Werner of Mattel Toys

Topics: Jamie Foxx Jokes About Bruce Jenner, Bathroom Monitors, People Who Talk In Questions, Vitamin B12

Ron does a "sex-themed" show. Guest: Dennis Hof (Proprietor and Pimp) at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada, as featured on HBO's Cathouse

Topics: Put Away Your Winter Coat, Ron's Jury Duty Experience, Sponsored by Headshots Restaurant

Tori Wainwright joins Ron...Topics: Names, Jumpers, Ovaries, Comcast, "Literally"

Topics: Ron talks about one of his most memorable dates. It was with the beautiful Cynthia.

Topics: Maine and Spring Water, Who Wants To Be President?, Branding Yourself, Other Stuff

Topics: Boston Olympics?, Netanyahu, Spring?, Another Pants Story,...Guest: Robertt Reid of National Geographic's "Abroad At Home"

Topics: Ron's Birth, Not Liking School, ..Guest: Dr. Sue Samson about Pituitary Disorder

Topics: Sex Change in Prison, The Dangers of Football, Other Stuff

Tori Wainwright joins Ron...Topics: What is Bruce Jenner?, Bathroom Murder Confessions, Apples In A Bag, Seances, Other Stuff

Topics: Doctor Recommended Products, Dishwasher Detergent Advertising, Body Scans.. Guest: Dr. Abrams about Blood Clots

Topics: Friday the 13th, Cell Phone Important Looking Thing, Other Stuff... Guest: Jodi Grant, After School Program Alliance

Topics: Chicken Nuggets, Getting One Cent Change, Facebook Birthdays, Other Stuff

Topics: Bag Pipes, Pants, Cursing, Family Trees, How's Your Snow Melting?... Guest: Travel Girl Stephanie Oswald

Tori Wainwright joins Ron..Topics: Count Your Change, Other Stuff...Guest: Author Abdullah Sharif "Sarsar" about Afghanistan's Golden Age to Carnage

Topics: Jobs for Veterans, Chocolate Gum, Hot Bean Juice, Internet Gypsies... Guest: Sharon Miller, Bank of America Retirement

Topics: Food Smells, Turtlenecks, Q-Tips...Guest: Jenni Pulos about Sleep

Topics: Men's and Women's Public Bathrooms, Other Stuff...Guest: Dr. Doris Day discusses Skin Care

Topics: Re-Scheduling Things For The Snow, Other Stuff...Guests: Jim Martin of Age 60+ Association, and Sandra Thompson of Federal Housing Finance Agency

Tori Wainwright joins Ron for an hour of social topics: Friends and Aquaintances, Lewd Private Parts Song, Personalities

Topics: Tea Bagging, How Much Sleep? Meteorologist Jim Clambaker, more stuff...Guest: World Traveler Albert Podell

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