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Features: Horoscope Reading from Kip Starchild, The Motivational Speaking Scam, Boiled Dinners..Guest: Janis Heaphy Durham's Book about Life Beyond Death

Tori Wainwright joins Ron to discuss Enemas, Bruce Jenner, Nostril Water Torture, Boston Olympics, Our Inventions, Saggy Acting Parts, Crotch Displays

Topics: Cell Phone Excuses, Market Basket People...Guest: Steve Rowley of Cox Communications Business

Guests: Barbara Terry, Dr. Michael Bjorn, Kate Law, Dr. Matt Longjohn, Steve Brown

Topics: Act Inept, Helping A Friend Move, Having a "Family Commitment"....Guests: Melissa Sullivan of Mayflower Moving, Todd Townsend Talks About Computer Glasses for Driving

Topics: Women Are Incredible, Get Off My Lawn, Junk Mail...Guests: Celebrity Designer Kim Lewis...Jeanette Kaplun for Embassy Suites

Tori Wainwright joins Ron for Topics: Aaron Convicted, Marathon Runner?, Sportscaster Mess, Pill Side Effects, Tori's Tornado, Screaming Kids, Donating Out Of Guilt, Fish Eggs

Topics: Keep On Movin', Look It Up, Underoos.....Guest: Brett Hoebel "Worlds Biggest Loser" 20 Minute Workout

Topics: Costco, Hair Salons.......Guest: Michele Perry:Tech Expert

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Topics: Mexican Food, Other Stuff......Guest: Author Regina Brett

Topics: Well Seasoned, Fox News, 105 Years of Vapid, Women's Appearances, Klum and Clinton...Guest: Brett Hoebel 20 Minute Workout

Topics: On The Cross, Bags Of Crap, Job Lying, Free Range Children, A Woman President, Other Stuff

Topics: History Class, Birds, Yard Sales, Furniture Stores... Guest: Dan Buetner about Blue Zones

Topics: Dairy Creamers, Golf, Whatever Attitude......Guest: David Bach..Couples Argue About Money

Topics: Shapes of States, Rhoomba, White Pants, Why Alaska and Hawaii?... Guests: Laura Vitale of "Simply Laura" on The Cooking Channel, ...........Leah Ingram from Home Advisor

Topics: Sugar Substitutes, New Mass Law, Follow The Rules, Other Stuff.....Guest: Paleo Diet Creator Dr. Loren Cordain

Tori Wainwright joins Ron...Topics: Death Sentence, Lifetime Movies, Balls, Open Casket Policy, Facebook Businesses, Other Stuff

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Topics: What Are You Wearing?, Don't Call Me Boss, Don't Be So Needy.....Guest: Dr. Sagar Lonial 

Topics: The Wonderful World of Smegma, Lights On, Hunting, Breakdown Lane...Guest: Janet McCracken, Culinary Expert with Rachel Ray

Topics: Neptune, White Pants, Self Check Outs, Other Stuff...Guest: Dr. Susan Lusack about IBSC

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Topics: It's Spring, Songs of Spring, Taxes.....Guest: Kathy Pickering of H&R Block

Tori Wainwright Joins Ron....Topics: April Fools, Yelp, Zombies, Internet Info, Good Friday and Easter, Drugs in School Past

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