Archive for May 2015

Topics: Body Hair, Doctors, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, Dietician Dawna Stone, Other Stuff

Tori Wainwright joins Ron for conversation...Topics: Encyclopedias, Meat Patty, Siblings, Emergency Voices, More Comcast, A Penny For Gas, Important Men Riding Bicycles

Topics: Comcast Frustrations, Gas Prices Around The World.....Guest Topic:Hepatitis

Topics: Extreme Weather, The Mason Dixon Line, Bacon, Other Stuff...Guest: Dr. Stanley Goldstein and Jacqueline about Allergy and Asthma

Memorial Day...Guests: Terri Gleason about VA Hospital Research...Lou Celli about VA Hospital Scandal

Topics: Holidays, Cars......Guests talk about Putting New Technology Into Your Old Car, Car Corrosion

Topics: Ron's encounters with Letterman and Carson..... Guest: Taiye Selasi

Tori Wainwright joins Ron to discuss Aging Gracefully, Being Honest, Life Imprisonment, New Driving Law, Bucket Lists, Sodium Fun, Tori's Store Story

Topics: Dog Bites, Pollen, Bees, Mosquitos, Rebecca the School Whore

Guests: Bill Rancic (First Winner of The Apprentice)...also, Ellen Lowerly: Preparing Pets For Disasters...Topics: Friendships, Sex Selfies, Pirates, B.C.

Topics: Backing Into Spaces, The Royal Pain Family...Guests: Jennifer Trainer Thompson (Eating Right For Your Eyes)...Emily Kaufman, (Travel Mom)

Tori Wainwright joins Ron..Topics: Religious Shift, Voting Structures, Cosmetic Fears, Idiots Who Can't Drive, Stereotypes and Profiling, Hospitals, Sports Team Animals, Supermarke...

Topics: I Wanna Be A Priest, Sugarless Stuff, Other Topics...Guest: Dr. Agarwala about Melanoma

Topics: Panera Bread, Facebook Mistakes, Other Stuff...Guests: Travel Expert Rudy Maxa,.. Facebook Executive Dan Levy

Topics: Fancy Bathrooms in Restaurants, Your Own Reality, Wise Ass....Guest: Bravo TV'sTop Chef Malika Ameen

Topics: Casino Vote, Boring Porn, Dinner or Sex?, Unicef Today

Topics:The Royal Wee, Other Stuff...Guest: Actress/Comedian Vicki Lawrence,.. Dr. SAnjiv Agarwala

Ron and Tori Wainwright discuss topics: Blushing, Q-Tips, The Big Fight, Off My Lawn, Other Stuff

Topics: Bacon Wrapped Pizza, Strapless Bra, Passage from "My Bowels Shall Move"...Guest: Actor Lammand Rucker

Topics: Corn vs. Fracking, Valet Parking, I Just Don't Care, Money to Win Votes

Topics: Ghost TV Shows, Photoshop Sucks, Past Lives,....Guest: Author Janis Heaphy Durham about Life Beyond Death

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