Archive for June 2015

Topics: My Fantasy Doctor, Shark Attacks, Head Under Water, Other Stuff ... Guests: Environmental Working Group talks about Ethanol Pollution

Topics: Ron's Doctor Visit..... Guest: The Mrs. (Female Rock Group)

Topics: Logo Drawings, Brand Confusion, Comcast, Other Stuff... Guest: Deborah Hersman about Painkiller Addiction

Topics: Ron's Date with Candy, News Anchor Liar, Peolpe Who Don't Dress Up.... Guest: Poconos Water Park

Tori LaGarde joins Ron to discuss Bird Turds, G Mail, Confederate Flag, Fee Range People, Chinese Mustard, Accents, Curtain Rods

Topics: Obama's N Word, Wearing Shorts, Barbara the Barber... Guest: David Olsen about Grilling

Topics: Yoga, Spinning, Red Wine Health, A-Rod Balls, New SATs

Topics: Beer, Beer Names, German Dance Costumes, Mall Hot Dogs... Guest: Gordon Javna of "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader" 

Topics: I've Seen It All, I Wanna Be Pope, AT&T Data Blues, Old Phones... Guest: Singer "Kutiman"

Tori LaGarde joins Ron. Topics: Who Is Britney Spears?, Lights off, Bad Movie, Pharmacy Counter, Just Stop It, Onion Rings

Topics: Bad Dog Food?, Man's Best Friend, Bragging Rights....... Guest: Dr. Ro about Cholesterol

Topics: Who's Cutting The Cheese?, Talking To Your Doctor About Your Privates..... Guest: Dr. Levkoff, OBGYN

Topics: Reunions, Feeding The Pantless... Guest: David Glasgow with Eventbrite

Topics: Camping, Tip A Canoe, Other Stuff....Guest: Christine Lusita, Health and Fitness Expert

Tori LaGarde joins Ron to discuss various topics: Broken Bats, Bird Flu, Annoying People

Topics: Becoming A Woman, People Who Love Opera, ...Guests: Zoey and Sharon discuss Food Addiction

Topics: Convenient Store Lottery People, Body Rings, People From Other Countries.... Guest: Mary Wheatley

Topics: What We Think Is Sexy, Somebody Else's Blood, Difference Between Cats and Dogs, Ron's Fried Clam Story, Other Stuff

Topics: Ireland, Sheep, Beer, How Long Can YHou Afford To Live?, Other Stuff

Tori LaGarde joins Ron to discuss Pyschic Abilities, Phonetic Alphabet, Global Drilling, Honeysuckle, More Jenner, Titman's Tassel, Bleeding Pictures

Topics: Transgender Jenner, Rush to Kerry, Other Stuff... Guest: Janet Wright of YMCA

Topics: Hair In A Bun, Store Self Checkout Lanes, Your Daily Horoscope with Kip... Guest: Country Singer Wade Hayes

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