Archive for July 2015

Topics: Harp Players?, Store Greeters, Annoying Questions, Other Stuff... Guest: Shelby Fix "Distracted Teen Driving"

Topics: Tom Brady's Balls, Tipping Your Wait Staff, Other Stuff ......Guest: Barbara Horn about Staring At Screens All Day

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for for conversation on a wide variety of topics.

Topics: Supermarket Fish, Velcro, I Am Jenner ...... Guest: Jesse Tron about Shopping Malls

Topics: My CVS Receipt, Wear Some Pants.... Guest: Air Force Amy from Tthe Bunny Ranch Brothel in Nevada

Topics: Street Names, Movie Theater Awkwardness, Double Meanings... Guest: Author of "School of Good and Evil"

Topics: Bad School Subjects, Meeting Girls In Bars, Doctor Pills ... Guest: DYI Expert Carl Oosterhouse

Topic: Things We Never Cured or Resolved .... Guests: Doctors discussing Prostates and Rare Blood Diseases

Ron is joined by talk show co-host Tori LaGarde

Topics: Socks, Trump Stuff.... Guest Topic: Terror For Abortion Clinic Workers

Topics: Popular Names, Insurance?, Hump Day...... Guest: Author Rosemary Sullivan "Stalin's Daughter"

Topics: Marco/Polo, Men Don't Buy Underpants .... Guest: Kat Collings "Who What Wear"

Topics: Sweating, Toilet Paper Rolls..... Guest: Brothel Owner of Bunny Ranch: Dennis Hoff

Topics: Sweat Pants, Goodbye To My Pan, Cheese Managers ...Guest: Glam Girl Emily Loftiss

Topics: The Eyes Have It, Running Of The Bulls,...Guests: Dr. Graham McKenzie, Dr. Marguerite McDonald

Topic: County Fairs... Guest: Julie Law of Amazon

Topics: A Visit with Tori LaGarde on the Beach, Skip Starchild Horoscope, Nice Deli Guy

Topics: Worms, Apple Picking, Nose Picking, Turtlenecks,..Guest: The Blender Girl Tess Masters

Topics: Pat the Nurse, One Slice of Pizza, Pant Line....... Guest: The Newseum in Washington DC

Topics: Hot Dog Pizza, Campfire Awkwardness, Shark Attack.. Guest: Astrologist Kip Starchild, Kelsey Mays from

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation about fireworks, candidates, Kevin James, edit facebook, other stuff

Guests: Brothel owner Dennis Hoff, Sex Expert Dr. Pepper Petrosky

Topic: Food.. Guests: Chef Tim Love, Summer Party Entertainer Maureen Petrosky

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