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Topics: Giving Blood, Lifetime Movies, Cold Clams..... Guest: Cox Business Systems

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation. Some Topics: Crickets, Voice Fry, Topless in Times Square, A Three Hour Tour, Constipation, Sticking Things in Your Ears

Topics: What You Wear On Your Wrist, Keeping An Open Mind, Surrounded By Asses.... Guest: Author Ron Felber about Alien Abduction

Topic: Trump's Narcissistic Personality Disorder....... Also, An Interview With Author Joseph Christopher Messineo

Topics: Boring Names, Little Kids Are Unfiltered Adults, Educational Crap, Other Stuff...... Caroline Lewis "Just Back Off And Let Us Teach"

Topics: Next Winter Forecast, Sexual Garden Tools, Dudes, Weather Forecaster Jim Clambaker ... Guest:

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation about things no one wouild ever need to discuss. Topics: Unisex Bathrooms, Tori's Airport Story, Blowfish, Cold Cut Obcession, Those Damn Cr...

Topics: Sleep Aid Warnings, Jared Is Eating Too Fresh, Facebook and AOL oddities  ....... Guest: Pet Expert Kristen Levine

Topics: Backing Into Parking Spaces, Retirement, Clam Belly,Twin Lobsters, Other Stuff ...... Guest: Kristen Robinson of Fidelity Investments

Topics: Social Bowling, Renting Shoes, No Need For Viagra, When In Doubt: Embellish ..... Gurest: Chef Leticia Schwartz

Topics: My Mother's Supposed Age, Spanx, The Cloud, Other Stuff..... Guests: Dr. Gupta and Nurse Trent

Topics: Facebook Friends, Profile Pictures, Ankle Necklaces, Kip Starchild Horoscope .... Guest: Jessica Fishman Levinson

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation on a number of varied topics.

Topic: A Trump Beats A Full House ...... Guest: Terra Wellington

Topics: Women's Shoes?, Trumping, Diarrhea Planet?, Cheese Question ..... Guests: Dr. Mueller, Dr. Powers about Hearing Loss 

Topics: It's Your Kid, Home Cooking, Surrounded by Clothes, Gas Line Insurance... Guest: Dr. Harold Baise about cholesterol

Topics: Ron comments on the Republican National Debate (Naked and Afraid) and Fox News.... Guest: Becky Baines from National Geographic

Topics: I'm A Talk Show Host, Pizza and Cookies, Tom Brady Song, Other Stuff ...Guests: Polly Blitzer about beauty tips for Moms, Sabrina Soto about Velcro

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation about many topics. Greeting Cards, Political Parties, Movie Sex, Going Into Business, Facebook Birthdays

Topics: What We Think Is Sexy, Somebody Else's Blood, Differences Between Cats and Dogs, Ron's Fried Clam Story, Other Stuff

Topiocs: What Would Jesus Wear?, There's No Exit 9, In One Ear And Out The Other, Other Stuff.... Guest Lisa Liilien "Hungry Girl"

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