Archive for September 2015

Topics: Harvard Butter Test, Ben Carson Flag, Tom Brady's Trump Hat, Other Stuff..... Guest: Selma Hepp with Trulia Realty

Ron spends an hour with writer and comedian John Shanahan. They explore topics that really shouldn't be explored.

Tori LaGarde joins for for conversation about Call Me Boss, Too Much Bread, Sick of Pumpkins, Stinky Jails, Pope's Message, Pay It Forward in Quarters, No Chinese Girls, Other Stuf...

Topics: Handshakes, Pope's Clothing, Soap..... Guests:Tech Expert Jennifer Jolly, Business Guru Joan Woodward, You Tube Sensation Hank Green

Topics: The Pope's In Town, My Dentist, More Trump Stuff...... Guest: Dr. Marc Lazare about Oral Care

Topics: Soft Porn on TV, White Clothing, Other Stuff...... Guests:Doug Olson about Curing Cancer, Jordan Reid about Thumbtack

Topics: Motivational Speakers, Foreign Telemarketers... Guest: Master Card Fraud Expert Carolyn Balfany

Topics: Political Crap, Why Can't We Get Along?, Not Dressing Like Magazine Covers... Guest: Dr Greta Manning about Weight Loss Pill

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation regarding various topics.

Ron recalls his childhood fishing experience.  Guests: Travel Girl Stephanie Oswald, Kip Starchild's Horoscope  Readings

Topics: Playing Doctor, Another Trumpism, Egg Prices......... Guest: Fashion Designer Elesia Carey

Topics: Things Didn't End Up So Well, Get To Work And Cure Stuff, .. Guest: DR. Annabelle Volgman about AFib

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation covering various topics: Movie Violence, Rotten Fruit, Got No Sleep Last Night, Golf Tournaments, Celebrity Beauties Really?

Ron talks about sex... Guest: Dennis Hoff, Owner of Legal Prostitution Cathouses in Nevada.

Topics: Kim Davis and Her Same Sex Marriage Thing, Bi Polar Teens, Please Be Quiet, Food Fantasies

Topics: School Bullying (Guest: Greta Monahan), 15 Most Unfriendly Cities In The World, Other Stuff

Ron talks about Labor Day as if he's not doing a show, but he does. It's very weird. Topics: BBQs, Hot Dogs, People Who Wear Odd Clothing, The True Meaning Of Labor Day

Talk Show Host Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation and discussion involving various topics.

Topics: Eye Test, Bob's Dream, Xfinity Pools, Other Stuff ............... Guest: New Hearing Aid Invention

Topics: Sign My Breasts, Tossed Underwear, Other Stuff .............. Sponsored by American Express Debit Card

Topic: Being Seated At Restaurants, Overly Nice For Tips................. Guest: Suzanne Kantra from Sprint

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