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Topics: Republican Debate Candidates, Becky Quick, I Don't Remember Your Name, Cow Flies...... Guest Betsy Whitfil with Share International about the arrival of a world Saviour

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for an hour of conversation about Gerorge Clooney, Cow Massages, A Deer Walks Into A Bar, Fat Little Kids, Take My Liver Please, Swedish Meatballs, A Big Bow...

Topics: Who Would Make A Great President? People In Sweden Love Me, World Psoriasis Day.......Guests: College Sex Advocate Laci Green

Topics: Goodbye to Certain Foods, The WHO?, Dark Clothing, Other Stuff.... Guest: Dr. Joseph Cardillo "Body Intelligence"

Topics: House Cleaning, Stupid Candidates, Facebook Pictures, Who Are Your Friends?.... Guests: Dr. Daria Gillespie about OTC Drugs, Susan Kosman about Cyber Security For Grandpare...

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for bizzare conversation. Topics: LifeCam, Uber, Happy Faces, World's Largest..., Tipping, Other Stuff

Topics: Lamar's Viagra Adventure, Joe Biden's Presidential Adventure, Other Stuff........ Guests: Actress Sara Rue, Healthy Food Expert Wendy Beazilian

Topics: Please Be Quiet, Funny T-Shirts, Underwear........................ Guest: Sari Feldman, President of National Library Association

Topics: Tuning Up, Will Someone Please Step Up?, What Are You?......... Guest: Author Ross McCammom "Works Well With Others"

Topics: Keep Religion Personal, The Irony Of Sports, Green Tea, Other Stuff.... Guest Author James Carroll "Christ Actually"

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation. Topics:Last House On Your Left, Oh Canada, Halloween Displays and Liability...Guest: Beat Boxer Nicole Paris

Guest: Dennis Hof, owner of Nevada Brothel where Lamar Odom was found unconscious.

Topics: Destructive Political Parties, Nothing Planned, Invading Other Countries.....Guests: Pop Sonnets Author Erc Didrriksen, Chef George Duran

Mark Chauppetta joins Ron for an hour of bizarre conversation, including private investigating, getting to love your hand, and other topics.

Topic: Columbus Was A Jerk....... Guest: Fashion Expert Lloyd Boston

Topics: Blood and Guts Entertainment, Things We Never Did, Dude...... Guests: Dr. Shah about new weight loss pill, Annika Stensson about adventurous eating

Topics: You Look Fat, Honestly?, My Bowels Shall Move, Selfies, Daily Horoscope with Kip Starchild...... Guest: Author Meredith Wilde

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for an hour of conversation about Soap Operas, The 99, Movie Violence, Sneezing On My Food, Sit Next To Me, Fate, and other stuff. 

Topics: Words That Mean The Opposite, Coffee Beans?...... Guests: Dr. Micheal Cooney about Aging Eye Sight, Dr. Jeremy Ciano about World Sight Day

Ron takes a humorous, yet serious look at hacking, cyber security, and identity theft with guest experts. Also, annoying fruit cakes and sexy ways of greeting people.

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for an hour of unique conversation. Topics: Bloody Moons, Check Your Driver's License, Dead or Alive, Kid's Meals, Hybrid Cars, OMG Cruise Control, and a who...

Mark Chauppetta Joins Ron for an hour of conversation about Chasing Around A Bed, Kids Controlling The Parents, The Sweet Spot, Pros and Cons, Sucky New Orleans Food, Other Stuff

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