Archive for February 2016

Private Investigator and Personality Mark Chauppetta joins Ron for mindless conversation.

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation. Topics: Following On Facebook, The Apple of My Eye?, Marco-Polo-Rubio, OJ Trial Time, Airport Body Scans, The Oscars, Other Stuff

Topics: Becoming Too Petty, What's Up With Florida?, Kankalookowa Street, White Pants, Home Advisor....Guest: Cooking Channel's "Simply Laura" Laura Vitale

Topic: What Are You Really Eating In Restaurants?...........Guest: Dr. Dolan, Dr. Lind about safe meds for pregnancy

Topics: Subway slogans, International House of Pancakes, Really?, Bad Breakfast, If You Could Do Your Life Over Again,.....   Guest: Dietician Lisa Katic

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for expansively weird conversation. Some topics:Ron's Cherished Complaint Letter, Bad Apple, Pope v. Trump, A Pox On You, Crazy Therapists, Snow Plow Button,...

Topics: At One Point, Apparently, My Parents Had Sex....... Guests: Dr. Jean Kristeller "Joy Of Half A Cookie".....Kierra Johnson about Roe v. Wade

Topics: Viagra Laws?, Independent Trump, Beyonce Anger, Love One Another Right Now, Other Stuff

Topics: What's Up With This Anger?, Retro Toys, Too Much Steve Harvey, Ash Day, Other Stuff...... Guest: Chris Byrne- The Toy Guy, LIVE from NYC

Ron talks about the absurdity of Valentine's Day.... Guests: Fashion Designer Elesia Cary.....Singer/Performer Frank Fridayy

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for an hour of conversation about various lifestyle topics: Co-Mingle My Groceries, Tori's Dream, Why This College Stigma?, Take My Suitcase Please, Organic ...

Topic: Ron loosely discusses the New Hampshire Primary results, but concentrates more on the future of the candidates.... Guest: Cold Stone Creamery

Topics: Strangers In My Car, Ski Caps, Stupid Valentine's Day.............Guest: Tyler George with "Lyft"

Topics: Shake My Hand, Garbage Trucks, other stuff..........more tax prep info from Hewitt Jackson

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for weird and interesting conversation.

Ron discusses a variety of topics about politics, lifestyle, and absurdity. Guest Sonpsor Hewlitt Jackson Tax Prep

Topics: Manipulation in Politics, Ted Cruz Tactics, Nobody In The Middle.............. Guest: Dr. Laurence Flint about kids with colds and flu 

Private Detective and Entertainer Mark Chauppetta joins Ron for an hour of conversation. Some Topics: Hair Restoration, Brain Fry, Going Away? Not Getting It, Comfortably Sick, Cof...

Topics: The Thing About Fish, Trump Dates His Daughter?, other stuff.........Guest: Anessa Chumbley about eating organic foods

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