Archive for March 2016

Topics: Glaces of Happiness, People Who Talk While They're Eating, Strange Shaped States....Guest: Javier Rodriguez about Kidneys

Topics: Taking Trump Seriously?, I've Never Met Anyone Named Sydney, Other Stuff... Guest: Chris Handley from Inrix Traffic

TORI ! 3/29/16 Tuesday

Join Tori LaGarde for the introductory episode as she flies solo. In this episode, Tori goes to Court.

Topics: Education, Other Stuff........... Guests: Rachel Gutter about Conditions of School Buildings, Are You Set Up For Retirement?

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation: Colon Time, The Walking Eaters, No Food Today, More Trump, Apple Of My Phone, You're Gene Hackman

Topics: Founding Fathers Are Probably Appalled, Profanity, Society Going Backwards?... Guest: Luke Vandermillen: Planning For Retirement 

Topics: Bucket List, Bagel Talk, Cotton Swab Ear Poking, Other Stuff.........Guest: Becky Baines from National Geographic 

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation...LOL, Hosing Me, Bike Boy, Dentist Suicide, Phone Sex, Billions Sold, other stuff

Topics: The Death of Democracy?, Grow Up To Be President, Song Lyrics Gone Wrong......Guest: Actress Minka Kelly for

Topics: Saliva-Related Activities, Just Stop It, Tax Scams, Other Stuff... This show is partially sponsored by Norton

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation about "What Recession?", Pick Up Lines, Paper or Plastic?, Accents, It's Spring, Other Stuff

Dr. Phil makes a visit to the show today. Topics: Diagnosed with conditions by a Doctor.

Topics: Getting Along With Other Humans, Pet The Goat, Doctors Make Stuff Up...... Guest: Daniel Ellison of National Geographic

Topics: Remember Kindergarten?, Supermarket Check Out People, The Power of Me, Kelley Blue Book, Chocolate Milk Orgasms

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation. Some topics: Profanity, Get Off My Lawn, Rich People, Follow Me

Topics: Things I Really Don't Understand, Stupid Words, Probing Aliens, Own The Fact That You Are An Ass,Other Weird Stuff

Topics: Donald Trump Curses, Super Tuesday Follows Not So Great Monday, My Brush With The Bar Business......Guest: Fashion Designer Nicole Chavez

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