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Tori LaGarde joins Ron for crazy conversation. Some Topics: Complainers, Viles of Chocolate, Don't Tell Me What To Do, Moses Led The Hookers Through The Desert, Forgetful Pain, Bac...

Topics: Putting On The Accent, The Birds, other stuff.........Guest: Jonathan Aldafer of National Geographic

Topics: Miracles, Shut Up, Convincing Others, Do Not Eat Near Me.............. Guest: author Helen Davis Chaitman, "JPMADOFF"

Topic: The Trump Cult............ Guest: Actress Allison Hannigan "How I Met Your Mother" about allergies

TORI ! 04/26/16 Tuesday

It's Tori Tuesday. Enjoy this romp of observations by Tori LaGarde. Some topics: Everything Happens, Toot My Horn, The Gum Factor, Tissue Wars, There's No Rushing Eye Liner, Someon...

Topics: Did You Lose Weight? Fried Clam Weight Loss, other stuff...........Guests: Food Scientist Dr. Maya Warren of Pinkberry,...Eric Lyman of TrueCar

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for an hour of bizarre conversation. Some Topics include: Bye Bye Psychic, Filtered Pants, Mind and Pencil, Conspiracy Trump Theory, Messages On Shirts, Sit ...

Topics: Sports Talk Bars, The Purple Gym, My Bowels Shall Move......Guest: Dr. Andrea Shin about IBS

Topics: Trump's 711, What Are You Wearing?, How Are You?..........Guests: Dr. Anita Gupta about pain medications....Dr. Wayne Riley about the environmental health concerns

Topics: Church People, What Does Wahlberg Think He's Doing?....... Guest: Dr. Michael Foggs about asthma

TORI ! 04/19/16 Tuesday

Tori LaGarde hosts this wild romp through her mind. This Week: My Hair in the Morning, Carpet Shocks, Stupid Sneezing Rituals, Tuna Fingers, and much more.

Topics: It's Patriots Day?, Somebody's Running Somewhere, National Something Day, You're A Jock..... Guest: Food Network's Sunny Anderson........App Inventor Dmitriy Druk

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for their weekly talkfest. Topics: Ignorance is Bliss, Popeye People, Ron's Inventions, Rigging Sails, Clean My Teeth, Be Careful Wishing, Zombie Shelters, D...

Topics: I'm An Old Soul, I Hate Cambridge......Guests: Dr. Robin Goldstein about RLS, Dr. Parikh about asthma 

Topics: Supermarket Stupidity, My Day of Doing Something...... Guest: Melissa Sullivan with Mayflower

TORI ! 04/12/16 Tuesday

Tori LaGarde solos in this Tuesday series romp. Tori takes her act on the road. Literally.

Topics: Facebook Sranger Danger, Be Careful What You Wish For, Costco Doesn't Like Me, Awww....Guest: Michele Perry from

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for an hour of stimulating conversation about tons of topics such as Celebrities' Real Names, We're All Diseased, My Stakes Are Back, Body Fluids, Moving To ...

Topics: Vanity, Chopped Liver, Call Me Brian, other stuff....Guest: Good Deeds Day,... Tax Time with Fidelity Investments

Topics: Ron's Wharped History Class, Birds, Yard Sales, Furniture Stores..Guest: Dan Buetner about Blue Zones

TORI ! 4/5/16 Tuesday

Tori LaGarde speaks her mind. Today: How Dare You, Doctor....Squirty Bottles...Scoring Bargains...Unfriend Me, Really?..and other topics

Too Much Phlegm, Cure Some Stuff, Sexy Geeks, Makes No Sense...Guest: Dr. Brewington about new colon screenings

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation about many topics: Colon Fun, Collecting Worthless Things, I'm Too Busy, That's What She Said, Trusting Reviews, Bathroom Sex, Men Having Ba...

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