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Ron's Topics: 400 lb. Gorilla, A Short Week, It's A Hero, Our Pizza Sucks, Eat Fresh Supposedly... Guest: Dale Barnett of American Legion discussing Veteran Health Care

Ron's Topics: Memorial Day or Selling Day?, Sleep Lab Lady, Hot Dogs of Death?, Annoying Restaurant Servers, other stuff...Guest: Food Network Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian about gri...

Ron's Topics: Men Might Be Worthless, Don't Wear Shorts, Why Is Everything So Difficult? My Hand Held Hose....Guest: HGTV and Food Network host Taniya Nayak

Ron's Topics: Too Much Phlegm, Cure Some Stuff, Sexy Geeks, Makes No Sense...Guest: Dr. Brewington about new colon screenings

Topics: Bucket List, Bagel Talk, Cotton Swab Ear Poking, Other Stuff.........Guest: Becky Baines from National Geographic 

Ron's Topics: Cheerleaders and Girl Scouts, Aisles of Food, Shopping Cart Choices..... Guest: Dr. Melvyn Lurie "Sex In Politics"

Ron's Topics: I Forgot To Wear Pants, No Cell Phone Means No Life, Awkward Love For My Car, A Lousy Way To Do Business, Her Name Was Eleanor........... Guest: Robb Hilson, Bank Of ...

Ron's Topics: Baby Names, What Do You Want To Call Me?, Gullible Peolpe...Guest: Elizabeth Mayhew about sleep habits

Ron's Topics: Find Your Passion, Meaning of Life?, Start My Own Church...... Guest: Carol Cummings about how to strengthen your brain

Ron's Topics: Welcome To Walmart?, Loving Breakfast Cereals, What Do You Mean You Can't Cook?....... Guest: Dr. David Bernstein about Hep C

What's Up with Yogurt?, Expected To Drink Coffee, No Birthday For Me.... Dr. Steven Gottsfeld about vessel harcesting.... Dr. Pettus about diabetes

Topics: Mark Cuban's comments about Trump, Please Be Quiet, Is There An Ordinance?... Guest: Singer/Songwriter Coline Creuzot

Topics: The Bag That Hangs In The Bathroom, It's All Relative, What's In a Name?..... Guest: Mark Chisholm about trees

Topics: Check Your Pants, Don't Touch Me, The Perfect Day, other stuff....Guest: Author James Stone "Five Easy Theses"

TORI ! 05/10/16 Tuesday

Tori's Favorite Foods,More Titanic, Honey Dew Hold Ups, Unused Meds, People Love Drama,... and more

Topics: Don't Believe What You Hear, Bad in School, HIstory of What?, Bottle Fed, Get To Know Your Bathroom...Guests: Last Comic Standing's Monroe Martin about being a foster child...

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation. Some topics: My KIds Can Count, Trump This, Big Shots, Hang Your Roll, Levi, Catfishing Friend, Days of Recognition, I Have No Use For You,...

Topics: Cinco De Mayonaisse, Check Out Lady, Coffee Lines.... Guests: Bess Yount about Businesses Using Facebook...Merrill Feather about Facebook Support Groups

Topics: The Trauma of Greeting Cards, Ron's Inventions, The Girl From France.........Guest: MJ Corcoran about teen drinking

TORI ! 05/03/16 Tuesday

The mind of Tori LaGarde unleashes on Making Up Words, Grown Men On Bicycles, Joining Record Clubs, Misapprehensions, Head Cold or No Head Cold, and other stuff.

Topics: Being There, Get Over Your Race Thing, Why Bowling Shoes?.................... Guest Topic: Foster Mother's Day

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