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Ron gets into the embarrassing Trump stuff, also discusses our world involvement and our image. Guest: Mother and Mountain Climber Marsha Gordon

Ron's Topics: Pants For Big Brother, That Vacuum Robot Thing, Cleaning My House, Gambling Confusion....Guest: Deborah Hersman about safety in the workplace

Topics: Remember Kindergarten?, Supermarket Check Out People, The Power of Me, Kelley Blue Book, Chocolate Milk Orgasms

Ron's topics today: Beaver Lamp, Put Some Pants On, Men Here and Ladies There, Facebook Stupid Friends, other stuff...Guests: Ray Leach and Emily Mendell about starting your own Co...

Ron's topics: My Paper Boy, Selling Lemons, Drinking Coffee Is A Requirement, Eating The Same Thing Every Day,Tipping,  other stuff.... Guests:TV Backyard Design Experts Ben and Er...

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation. Some topics: Panda Eyes, Word Meanings, Gun Control, Being At A Disadvantage, Humpty Dance, Cultural Weddings, Back It In... and more.

Ron talks Zika and tries to understand the Trump obcession.......Guest: Olympic Fencer Sylvie Binder

Ron talks about pool urination, the Izod alligator, things named Jared........Guests: Dr. Jessica Shepherd about women's health issues not often discussed..... Audrey Rome of USDA ...

A repeat of a previous program includes TV Personality Jazz Jennings who talks about her transformation from boy to girl at age 5...........also, Thomas Barnett talks about how the...

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation regarding various topics: Breast Feeding In Your Face, Alligator Problems, Never Buy Pens, 120 Degree Weather, Doll Hair Doesn't Grow Back W...

Ron's Topics: Good From Evil, Foot Without A Sock, Stupid Sandals.... Guest: TV Celebrity and Author Jazz Jennings

Ron's Topics: I Miss Phone Operators, Glasses Are Sexy, Please Hold......Guest: Actress Cheryl Ladd

Ron discusses Deli Counters, Trump on Obama, other stuff...........Guest: National Geographic Editor Becky Baines

Ron discusses the weekend Orlando incident.................Guests: Actress Dawn Russell... Outdoor Lawn Safety Expert Roger Phelps

Tori LaGarde returns to join Ron for an hour of interesting conversation

Ron's Topics: No Concept People, My Doctor Smokes, Spandex Ladies, The Constant Struggle..... Guest: Deborah Hersman of the National Safety Council

Ron's Topics: Ron Talks Political Stuff.............Guest: TV's Survivorman Les Stroud

Topics: Panera Bread Served With Bread, Excessive CVS Receipts, Radio Love Shack,,,,, Guests: 2016 Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte,...Marjorie McEttrick Maloney with Shriners Hospital

Ron's Topics: Complaining, Eating With You, Cheap Weather Talk....... Guests: Author Ron Felber,...Fitness Expert Jennifer Walker for Sundown

Ron's Topics: Signs of Stupidity, Odd Colored Golf Pants, Could Be Harmful, other stuff

Medical Interviews Special... Guests: Dr. Gary Sacks about bipolar disorder, Dr. Bahar about bladder cancer, Michael Cooney about macular eye problems, Dr. Scott Adzick about fetal...

Ron's Topics: My Pants Are Distressed, No Drive Thru For You, 99.9% Effective......Guest: Kathy Cummings about first time homebuyers

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