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Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for unique conversation about the things we all encounter in life.

Ron talks about No One Is Trustworthy, Saying I'm Sorry, Trump's Tax Returns............Guest: Author Roemer McFee "Killing The Market"

Ron's Topics: I Don't Seem To Like People, Take Off All Your Clothes, other stuff..... Dr. Alyssa Dweck about the age of first time Moms....Dr. Tracy Pfeifer about plastic surgery

Ron's Topics: Smelling Like A French Whore, Garlic Social Problems, You Don't Need a Sweater With Global Warming...Guest: Jennifer Franz about reducing energy bills

Ron's Topics: A Very Sad Political Atmosphere, Goodbye VCRs, World of Percentages.... Guest: Back To School Fashions with Cotton

Ron's topics: I Don't Understand Bowling Shoes, Watch Out For Negative Stuff, Motivational?, Dr. Phil Is Fat?...Guest: Dr. Natalie Marks about a dog flu

Ron talks about weird lunch meats, respecting animals, we all lie, killing your dinner........Guest: Dr. Stephen Harrison about Hepatitis C

Ron's Topics: It's Not Your Birthday, Boring Car Activities, Like Me,.....Guest: Author Stephen Dinan "Sacred America"

Hide & Seek, Marco Rubio, and other stupid games..My Mother May Have Been a Circus Clown...My Father Was Very Picky...  Guest: Travel Expert Amy Goodman

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron as they sit on a beach on Cape Cod.

Ron reflects on the attack in France.... Guests: Mark Murphy about travel insurance....Lennox about air conditioning during the heat wave months

Ron talks about a pan that has him skeptical about life..........Guests: Diego with 2gether International...also, a conversation about the Yellow Pages

Topics: Work Friends, Feng Shui Is Not A Type Of Sushi, Dollar Store Prices, Bad Attitude, ..... Guest:

Topics: Social Media Has Ruined Our Lives, Buying Stuff, Absurd Technology...... Guest Interview: The Newseum in Washington D.C.

Ron's topics today: Turn Babies Into Whine, Man's Best Friend is Helpless, Facebook Stranger Likes......guest: Automotive Expert Nik Miles about road trips

Watch out. Ron discusses sexual drives in regards to power, addiction, danger, and pleasure.

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for humorous and bizarre conversation. Some topics: Face Blowing, Needless Flash Bulbs, Scalping Tickets, Shut Up and Sit Down, Defiant Squirrels, Suspicious...

Ron discusses Hide And Seek, My Mother Was Apparently A Clown, Marco Polo and Other Stupid Games..... Guest: Travel Expert Amy Goodman about road trips

Ron discusses his trip to the pharmacy, his legacy of eating ham, and his love/hate relationship with his dermatologist....Guest: Author Andrew Shaffer about his new Donald Trump s...

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for satirical and weird conversation.

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