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Ron talks about his weird and bizarre immigration experience......... Guest: Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres

Ron's Topics: Achieving Likes, I Simply Don't Care, Three Qualifications For President..... Guest: Brad Sewell talks about a national movement to protect our oceans

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for an hour of crazy conversation. Some topics include Bad Teachers, Poke It Man Go, My Pictures Go To Clouds, Questions From Listeners, Lighten Up ...

Ron's Topics: Olympic Athlete's Foot In Mouth, My Coffee Experience.........Guests: Staples VP Christine Mallon....Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres and Dr. Jennifer Cather

Ron's Topics: The Registry of Motor Vehicle Angry People, Working Out, Bad Pictures.... Guest: Brian Zehetner from Planet Fitness

Ron's Topics: I Compliment You, Free Furniture, You Can't Cook?...... Guest: Dan Michel about pinot noir

Ron discusses Hide And Seek, My Mother Was Apparently A Clown, Marco Polo and Other Stupid Games..... Guest: Travel Expert Amy Goodman about road trips

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for an hour of bizarre conversation. Some topics include Trump Conspiracy, Angelina's Cult, Flags on Trucks, Social Media Playtime, Put Your Face On...

Aurthor Riochard Zaccaro explores the world of pension funds in his new book. Visit his book signing on Saturday 8/20 at Barnes and Noble in Walpole, Mass.

Ron's Topics: Whopperrito..Seriously?, Trump Intel?, The Golden Years.... Guest: Dr. David Burke about getting your kids ready for school with medical issues

Ron's Topics: Social Media Cancelled, Let Me Use My Brain........... Guest: Cookbook Author and Mom Brooke Parkhurst about getting your kids some quick meals

Topics: Social Media Has Ruined Our Lives, Buying Stuff, Absurd Technology...... Guest Interview: The Newseum in Washington D.C.

Ron's Topics: Now I Think I Understand You, One Small Pizza, Perhaps I've Come From Another Planet...... Guest: Suzanne Schmidt from Fidelity Investments

Ron's Topics: Stupid Commercials, I Gave Into The Pan, What Is Really Killing Our Jobs (and it's not trade agreements)....Guest: SC Johnson discusses mosquitos

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for an hour of observations. Some topics include: financially having the baby, olympic fever, thrill me, potbelly suburban pigs, it's only a matter ...

Topics: Squatty Potty Mouth, You Are A Doctor of What?, What's in a Name?... Guest: talking "Bromance" with The Cleveland Clinic

Topics: Sorry Is Hard To Say, Wikileaks In The Pants, other stuff........Guest: Former Oakland Homocide Detective and Author of "Thrill Kill" Brian Thiem

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for this episode. Topics: Middle East in Cambridge, Butt Cracks, Salvation Army Clothes Sniffing, KFC Front Man, Freezing Restaurants, Rio Zika, It'...

Topics: You're Not As Pretty As You Think, Getting Old, Wait Until My Face Is On...... Guest: Author Tom Scarda

Topics: Bathrooms, Squatty Potty, Toilet Paper Preferences, Don't Let Me Into Your Home.....Guest: Christine Mallon from Staples

Topics: Vocal Fry, Fried Pickles, You JUst Ber Quiet, Unbalanced Trump...........Guest: Greta Monahan about bullying

Ron's Topics: Odd Baseball Caps, Why Can't You Stop Being An Idiot?, Alternative Universe.... Guest: Cyber Security Expert Matt Devost

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