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Ron dissects the true meaning of Facebook and takes a look at a blossoming dictatorship............ Guest: Dr. David Katz about eating smartly

Ron unavoidably needs to discuss the Trump thing and tries to figure out what the hell is going on...... Guest: Dr. John Agwunobi with Herbalife Nutrition

Ron rants about: People Who Back Into Parking Spaces, Egg Salad Isn't Rally A Thing, Trump's Wall Disorder.... Guests: Author Ayelet Waldman "A Really Good Day: How Microdosing Mad...

TORI ! 01/26/17 Thursday

More Drumpf, Pet Peeves, Random Thought, Music of Choice

Ron talks about the Trump dictatorship, salutes passing icons, and other stuff........Guests: Tax Expert LIsa Greene Lewis....Health Expert Linda Ciampa talks about your medicine c...

Ron displays his mistrust of just about everyone and ranks on TV products that don't necessarily work as advertised....Guest: Author Arlie Russell Hochschild "Stranger In Their Own...

Ron is annoyed that his doctor always makes him wait, and discusses his shortened list of people he can trust..... Guest: author Barbara Golder "Dying For Revenge"

Ron reads his letter to the crazy man, Trump's need for medication and anger management, coping with my dentist and the lady who sticks her hand in my mouth.......... Guest: Dr. Ja...

Ron's Topics: Catching The Paper Man, Did My Parents Actually Ever Have Sex?, Dry Cleaning Experience, You Don't Look So Good, Do I Look Fat?, and other matters of similar social i...

TORI ! 01/19/17 Thursday

Tori's Vacation- Part Two

Ron's Topics: My Bladder, McRib Phenomenon, Super Size This, Old Farmers Almanac Accuracy........ Guest: Dr. Alix Charles about body sculpting

Ron's Topics: Inauguration Blues, How Did This Happen?, That's The Best We Can Do?...... Guest: Travel Girl Inc. Editor-In- Chief Stephanie Oswald

Ron is confused by the concept of Panera Bread............ Guest: Ken Hevert, VP of Retirement Services at Fidelity Investments 

Ron departs from his usual grumpiness and devotes a show to everyone who might not be feeling too happy right now. No guests on this episode. Just you and him.

Ron talks about ridiculous breakfast foods........... Guests: Fetal Surgeon: Dr. Scott Adzick.....Director of Exhibit Development for the Newseum: Patty Rhule

TORI ! 01/12/17 Thursday

Tori's Vacation Episode

Ron understands women better now, doing the same things every day, changing booths, other topics. Guests: Lifestyle Expert Frances Largeman-Roth....Todd Townsend LIVE from Las Vega...

Ron talks about: Why Wendy's Has Square Burgers, Backwards Baseball Caps, Don't Ruin My Comedy Show......... Guests: Water Quality Association Executive Director Pauli Undesser and...

Ron discusses being fooled by marketing schemes, the pet rock, star registry, etc.....Guest: Dr. Peter D'Adamo "Eat Right For Your Blood Type"

Ron talks about prostitution, tells a story about his own near experience, and relays his thoughts... Guest: Dennis Hoff, owner of Nevada Brothels.

Actress Tori LaGarde joins Ron for lively conversation about various eclectic topics.

Keep Your Kids Quiet, Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink, other topics....... Guest: Singer/Songwriter Amy Lee

Ron's Topics: Fooling Myself, Hoping For Smaller Pants, Crazy Oprah, No Discipline..... Guest: Dr. David Katz "Healthy Eating"

TORI ! 01/03/17 Tuesday

I need a calendar again, Trash talk Brockton, Easy to complain, I love chocolate, Musical Number, Christmas Gifts, Dick Clark is not hosting NYE, Inauguration Chatter

Ron is disgusted with his movie theater experience,... also  warns everyone about the effects of marijuana on your path to a life of being lazy...............Guest: Author Regina B...

Ron talks about Home Coffee, Surviving Costco, Walmart Greeters, Supermarket Know-It-Alls...... Guest: Author Antonia Murphy "Dirty Chick"

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