Archive for February 2017

Topics: Common Misconceptions, It's Not All That Healthy, A Simpler Time.......... Guests: Ann Harkins and Cathleen Combs about counterfeit products

Topics: Marijuana Really?, Snow Plow Lawn Destruction, Someone Stole My Toothpaste....... Guest: Entrepreneur Mark Stoner

Topics: Trump's Good Soup, Mindless Shoppers, What's Really Going On Here?....... Guest: Social Research Scientist for CNA discusses Fake News

TORI ! 02/24/17 Friday

Pensacon, Blue hair, Detergent clothing clouds.

Topics: Naming High School Teams After Native American Indians, So You Can't Cook?, other stuff...... Guest: Dr. John Wald of The Mayo Clinic

Topics: Do I Walk My Dog Or Does My Dog Walk Me?, Brain Fart, I Just Don't Get It, other stuff... Guest: Author M.J. Waters "The Phantom Paradigm"

Topics: Cleanse Me, Organic Not, Symphony Drinkers............ Guest: Fitness Expert David Kirsch

Topics: Just Impeach Him, Why So Much Rice?, Fake Food............ Guest: Chris Byrne "The Toy Guy"

Topics: Trump Fake News, Emoji Problems, Phone Calls At Night, Trash Talk....Guest: Vietman War Vet and Author Fred Krebsback "Okay Okay Holy Sh#t Vietnam"

TORI ! 02/16/17 Thursday

Trump is Irwin Corey, Do men wet their pants, Kettle Chips stab my mouth, Can Openers, Twins, Movie Weddings, Dunstan Baby Language

Topics: Trump In Jail, Bed Side Manners, Big Ass People.................. Guest: Author Neely Tucker "Only The Hunted Run"

Ron's Topics: Violent Cartoons, The Unraveling of Trump, Cars Hitting Pushcarts.......... Guest: Boston University Professor Jonathan Levy

Ron's Topics: Free Sex, Humanity Is Questionable, Manage My Trash, Valentine's Day National Holiday?............Guest: Mark Carpenter, ISRI Senior Director of Communications about ...

Valentine's Day Pressures, Hate Garlic Breath, Shovel This....... Guest: Designer Debbi Lilly and Chef Jeff Alexander about Valentine's Day Home Ideas

Topics: Unqualified Leaders, The Absurdity of Being Absurd, Why College?...Guest: John Williamson about AP classes

Topics: The Hello Scam, Keep Your Mouth Shut, You Should Probably Trust Nobody

TORI ! 02/09/17 Thursday

Super Bowl LI, Accents, Bannon war, Selling plasma, City lawsuit, Unfriending

Some topics: Our Pizza Is Not Good, Undercover Tears, Lifetime Movie In Five Minutes...... Guests: Veterinarian Dr. Tim Ogilve...Dr. Alice Boghosian DDS

Topics: Putting On The Phony Accent, So-Called President, Free Pens, I Sit Well...... Guest: Beauty Expert Kika Rocha

Ron is tired today, but he forges ahead with some Super Bowl talk, his mild acceptance of sports, and other topics.... Guest: Author Tom Scarda about how gang mentality plays into ...

Ron talks about Extending The Weekends, Confusion About Pants, Super Bowl Psychosis, Your Big Dipper..... Guest: Celebrity Chef Richard Ingraham

TORI ! 02/02/17 Thursday

Miserable Krispy Kreme, World Without Walmart and President Bannon, Uber Goddess, Movie 43, Candy, Groundhog Day, Big Hurry

Ron talks about Groundhog Day of Reckoning, Why Stores and Products Get Stupidly Named, The Simplicity of Bob, other stuff.... Guest: Media Guru Stefanie Ziev about building trust

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