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Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron to discuss various weird topics: I Did What?, Stress Balls, Which Bathroom Do They Use? Fake News, Sit Down Please, In My Blood, Coffee Shop Car Cra...

Ron's Topics Today: Pole Dancing, Master Carpenter? Tiny Body House, Political Problems.... Guest: Veteran and Entrepreneur Matt Best

Topics: Stop Tweeting, Bully Sticks, Greased Up Burgers, Sort Of Dog Love..... Guests: The Principal Financial Group and EBRI talking about having money for retirement

Topics: Whole Foods Fad, KIrk Douglas Birthday, Scam Stuff, Why Go To School Anymore?............ Guest: Jack Nerad of Kelly Blue Book, Lifestyle Expert Brooke Parkhurst

TORI ! 03/28/17 Tuesday

Disney Animal Movies, Year 1066, Sun-Dee, Adam Sandler Baby Voice, Web Net, Fish Stank, OJ Made in America

Topics: Small Talk, The Money Tree, Did You Find Everything You Were Looking For?...... Guest: Chase Frederick Co-Founder Jeremy Zimmerman

Tori LaGarde joins Ron. Topics: One Day At A Time, BJs, Hot Dog Day Afternoon, Hey Gals, Chimney Swept Away, Pill Time, Election Do Over, April Foolish Day, other stuff.

Topics: I Know Who You Are By The Coffee You Drink, Presidential Lies, other stuff...... Guest: Angelo McClain social workers

Topics: Sneezing On My Food, Coughing In The Theater, Tweeting Yourself To Hell, other stuff......... Guest: Dr. Rocio Media about teaming up to lose weight

TORI ! 03/21/17 Tuesday

Men in Silk Robes, Wintergreen Vomit, We are Siamese, Returning Citizens, Celebration of Life, Melanias 2 Million Dollars.

Private Eye and Entertainer Mark Chauppetta joins Ron........Topics: Batman, Testifying in Court, Nurses, Bathroom Visits, other stuff

Topics: Playing Telephone with Presidency, Not Enough Velcro, The Perfect Job, Vote Him Out..... Guests: Ophtamologist Michael Cooney..... Dr. Monsour about Kidney Month

Ron is joined by Tori LaGarde. Topics: St. Patrick's Day, The Not So Deep South, Facebook Jail, No Weather Apology, You Don't Look Amish, No Seats Airline, other stuff.

Topics: Why Can't You Be Cool?, The Great Deal Maker, Divide by Two......... Guest: Dr. Nika Kabiri about love and relationships

Topics: Angry Actor, Surveys That Deceive, I'm Your Puppet............... Guest: Pharmacist BreAnn Taylor 

Topics: That Sex Thing That Involves Your Mouth, Ron's New Clothing Line.......... Guest: Author Richard Watts "Entitlemania"

Topics: Yogurt Confusion, What Time Is It?, Coffee Dirt, Stuck On The Island........... Guest: Travel Girl Magazine's Editor In Chief Stephanie Oswald

Topics: Flying By The Seat Of My Pants, Bad Presidential Vetting, Ice Creamed.......... Guest: Motion Picture Producer Jonathan Sanger "Behind The Scenes: The Elephant Man"

Topics: Coffee or Tea?, You've Been Duped, Saving What?, Dinosaurs Had Short Arms..... Guest: CEO of Mofit Investments Hardeep Walia

TORI ! 03/09/17 Thursday

We're Number 1, TV Spying on you, Nicer to Foreigners, Ghetto Bus.

The White House's Oval Circus, My Face In Your Supermarket, Please Be Quiet..........Guest: Dr. Gail Saltz "The Power Of Different, The Link Between Disorder And Genius

Topics: Trump's Shiny Objects, Paula's Racist Furniture, My Nose............ Guests: Heather Bert, Executive Director Bethany Services..........Elizabeth Romero, Division Executive...

Ron displays his mistrust of just about everyone and ranks on TV products that don't necessarily work as advertised....Guest: Author Arlie Russell Hochschild "Stranger In Their Own...

Topics: No More Democracy, My Body Massage, Chew Your Food, Baseball Is Not Sexy........ Gyest: Author Claire Macintosh "I See You"

Topics: Phony Niceness, Oprah For President?, You Talkin' To Yourself?.............. Guests: NFL Steelers Offensive Tackle Alejandro Villanueva and COL Geoffrey Gammer about brain ...

TORI ! 03/02/17 Thursday

Snow White is NOT a Children's Movie, House of Farts, Mardi Gras, Crazy Contacts, No Ride for You, Is Your Tree Still Up?

Topics: What Are You Wearing?, In Like A Lion, Feel Me................ Guest: Courtney Lynch about Leadership

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