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Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron to discuss outlandish topics: Cook Yourself, Friendly Skies, Just A Bieber, What Is This?, Facebook Catfish, He's 85, Gary Moscow Mules, Dinosaur Pa...

Ron's Topics Today: Funny Taxes, Slapping, So You Can't Cook?, Speaking With A Burst of Culture...Guests: Chef Leticia about cooking for diabetes.... Russ Raber of IIHS talking a t...

TORI ! 04/26/17 Wednesday

Trapped in a CVS with Styx, Breastfeeding in Public, Weird Facial Hair, Awful Korea, Slash Back, I'm a Peeve.

Private Investigator Mark Chauppetta joins Ron for this show as they discuss insignificant and uncomfortable topics. 

Topics: Gummy Vitamins Are Teasing Me, Tomato Is Fruit Really?, My Doctor's Apology..... Guests: Gary Shapiro's Innovation Scorecard... Tim Kuniskis at the New York Auto Show

Ron's Topics: Tracking Pizzas?, POTUS Mental Disorders, What's Up With Sushi?, other stuff.... Guest: Author Dr. Barbara Oakley "Mindshift"

Ron is joined by Humorist Tori LaGarde for outrageous discussion about topics: Subway Observations, Cursing At Cursives, Fake History, Impeachara, Lace 'em Up, Nice Hair, Unicorns,...

Topics: Stop Sending Me Dimes, Junk Mail, Am I From Another Planet?....... Guests: NASCAR Diver Brian Vickers and Olympic Swimmer Kaite Hoff

Common Misconceptions, It's Not All That Healthy, A Simpler Time.......... Guests: Ann Harkins and Cathleen Combs about counterfeit products

Topics: Kenya Always Wins, Taking My Vitamins, Oprah Winfrey Not..... Guests: Dr. Terry Wahls about "Cooking For Life"... Dr. Rezak about Parkinson's Disease

TORI ! 04/18/17 Tuesday

Pepsi Fail, Dratini's Martini, Kenya Won, Don't give me the Measles, Belated Happy Birthday, Video Felony.

Ron's Topics: Marathon Running: What's The Point?, This Is A Stress Test,,,,,,,,,, Guest: Axon CEO Rick Smith about police officers wearing body cameras

Ron's Topic: Tipping For Nothing....... Guest: Executive Producer and TV Show Creator Peter Engel "Saved By The Bell", "Last Comic Standing"...... also Actress Maria Menounos previ...

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for a verbal romp: No Oceans, Profile Picture, Friendly Skies of United, No More Bromance, Flex Your Muscles, Re-Grifter, Have Little Faith, Free Tu...

Ron's Topics: Assembling Things, Sean Spicer's Mouth, Passwords Not Remembered... Guest: Author Ridley Pearson "Disney At Last"

TORI ! 04/11/17 Tuesday

Apps and Filters, Night Time Soap Operas, Jackson Faces, Airplane Fiasco, WW3, Breaking Celebrity News?

Ron's Topics: Mexican Food Confusion, Trump Tweets, Airline Snobs .......... Guest: Dr. Lee Lindquist about Home Health Care Planning

Ron's Topics: I'm Turning Into My Father, Where Is The Second Coming?, Political Center of Left of Right of Center....  Guest: National Geographic's Kwame Alexander "Animal Ark"

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for observational conversation.

Topics: Sex With The UPS Man, Trumping O'Reilly, What's Up With Insurance?, Printer Prices........  Guest: Staci Jae Johnson from

Ron's topics: Fake Presidents, Telephone Scams, Chicken Or The Egg?..... Guest: Last Minute Tax Tips from tax expert Lisa Greene Lewis

Ron's Topics: Taking A Bath, Hot Tubs, Dizzy Trips.... Guest: Paul Hochman about Verizon Car Technology

TORI ! 04/04/17 Tuesday

Not Made in China, Graveyard Shifters, TWD Season Finale, 180 vs 360, Stop Sneezing, Mail on Sunday.

Ron's Topics Today: Time For Presidential Intervention, You're Fired, No More Laptops?......... Guests: Dr. Neeta Ogden about allergies...Facebook Director of Product Management

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