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Ron doesn't want to be a Doctor, Women's shoe fetish, Everybody is fainting....Guest: Celebrity Chef Ceci Carmichael

TORI ! 05/31/17 Wednesday

On My Walk, Donut Shops are Theoretically Daytime Barrooms, Paint Me a Discotheque, Ate a Box of TicTacs, Borg, Going to Vape into Oblivion, Bored of Playing Cover Songs?

Ron discusses his TV obcession, a new invention that is stupid, the evils of spandex........ Guest: New York Fashion Designer Elesia Carey...... the CDC talks about pool water safe...

Roon complains about customer service and what Company is apparentlt the worst. Also, he comments on taking things from hotel rooms.......... Guest: Dr. Jeff Werber talks about dog...

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation about a plethora of subjects.

Ron defaces Facebook, Singing In The Car, Scared of Rain?.......... Guest: Coinstar's Justine Santaniello talks about summer vacations

Rons talks about annoying robocalls, phone solicitations, and how to somewhat lessen them... Guests: Katie Linendoll with tech gift ideas for Dads and Grads... Lilliana Vazquez off...

TORI ! 05/23/17 Tuesday

How You Doin, ASMR, Trapped in a CVS, Don't Touch Me, Mississippi Nazi, Sea Lion Gonna Getcha

Ron talks about Anderson Cooper's apology, Congressman Rod Blum's "In Your Face" comment, Struggling with Body Hair, Don't Touch Me, other stuff........ Guest: Actress Marilu Henne...

Ron looks at the Baking Soda scam, the absurd concept of Dump Meals, ridiculously expensive breakfast restaurants, and other odd topics........ Guest: Body Language Expert Patti Wo...

Ron comments on Uber Pick Ups, Air B&B?, Backing Out Of Conversations..... Guests: Senior VP and CCO Frank McGillin about pain management... CVS VP of Pharmacy Affairs Papatya ...

Guest: Gary Davis is Chief Security Evangelist warning about password security and email virus

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron discussing various topics: No Intelligence White House, Nordstrom Bags, Yesterday's Gone, Bastardizing Friends, other stuff.

Ron discusses the dangers in the White House, Nostalgic Candy, Life On Mars........ Guest: Author Leslie Kane "Surviving Death" about the possibility of afterlife

TORI ! 05/16/17 Tuesday

Car Wash Before Rain, Assigned Seating at the Movies, Trump and the Russian Oligarchs, Powers Boothe, Chocolatey Bed Sheets

Ron commnts on various topics in rapid fashion... Guests: Dr. Daid Atkins about Veteran's Health Care... Art Aiello about storm preparedness

Ron is joined by Humorist Tori LaGarde as they ramble through a multitude of bizzare topics

Weird People At Casinos, I Can See You Through Your Smartphone, You Think You Have 1,000 Friends Really?.......Guests: Gary Shapiro talks about how good your State is at technology...

Ron's Topics: Allergic To Everything, Let's Impeach Him, Tumbling Tumbleweeds..... Guests: Dr. Willie Lawrence about high blood pressure.... Dr. Johromi about strokes

Ron's Topics: Unemployed Clowns, Lady Smells, other stuff..... Guests: Food Addiction Anonymous....Beauty and Fragrance Expert Kika Rocha

Topics: Menu Specials, Trump's Screw Job, Trick Omelettes.......... Guest: Debbie Hersman CEO National Safety Council

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for a full show laced with topics and comments that are too crazy and eclectic to list.

Topics: Pandora or Pandora?, No More Circus, Survey Misunderstandings...... Guest: Dawn Del Russo about Pandora Jewelry for Mother's Day

Topics: Redefining Democracy, Internet Might Suck, Company Surveys, Losing Our Own Jobs...... Guest: Wally Bregman "Lessons From Shadow". Wally's dog Shadow writes it's own book.

TORI ! 05/02/17 Tuesday

Poison Ivy, Chewed Out, Fenway Fail, Legs Are Delicious, Kelly and Ryan and I Don't care, Lord Have Mercy, Mystical Lamps

Ron's Topics Today: Trump Doesn't Sleep, What If Clinton Had These Problems?, What Do Curse Words Really Mean?........ Guests: Dr. Raj about Narcolepsy.... Meredith Sinclair about ...

Ron's Topics: What's Up With This 4K TV Thing?, Comedy Central Comedian Hasan Minhaj at the White House Correspondents Dinner... Guest: Terry Wahls "Cooking For Life"

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