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Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron to discuss Snapping Turtle Carnage, Hit Or Miss Cole Slaw, Can't Cook, Congealed Fat Burgers, Funny Charley Horse, Troll My Stuff, British To Americ...

Ron discovers that life is a circus, tries to figure out what's inside a hot dog, other stuff..... Guests: Dr. Jeff Werber about cats (not the musical)... Chef Jeff Anderson talks ...

Ron talks about the hopes and future outlook from childhood that never came true..... Guests: Roger Morris VP National Auto Insurance Crime Bureau..... Anna DeSousa with 2017 Produ...

TORI ! 06/28/17 Wednesday

Warm Smells, Allegations of Customer SERVICE, One Hit Wonders, Taylor Swift of Podcasts, Describe a Papaya, Stress Twitch

Ron's Topics: I have 3 names, I was grumpy at birth, staycations, other stuff.. Guests: Travel Girl Magazine's Stephanie Oswald.... BOA Joy Index for Travel with Shawn Achor

Ron's Doctor smokes, I Don't Like Emojis, other stuff.... Guests: Dr. James Kiley about COPD... Dr. Heather Hawthorne about "Doctor On Demand" telemedicine

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for a new romp through various topics and outlandish opinions.

Guests: Auto Industry Expert John Bozzella... Technology Expert Michael Biltz.. Ron talks about clean pants, phone operators, artificial intelligence

Ron talks about heat waves, this is the longest day, bad TV product.......... Guest: Author Dr. Steven Pinker "Better Angels Of Our Nature" about violence in America

Ron talks about solar power, bringing dip to a party, his deviated septum... Guests: Solar Expert Whitney Torres....Dr. Sally Friedwald about mammography

TORI ! 06/20/17 Tuesday

Go Fund Me Campaign, Loud Yawns, Sidling up to Strange Women, Hands are Dangerous, Get Out, Ice Cream Man Needs to Bugger Off, Stop Google Assistant Me, News Anchor Ladies Breed In...

Ron displays his mistrust of just about everyone and ranks on TV products that don't necessarily work as advertised....Guest: Author Arlie Russell Hochschild "Stranger In Their Own...

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for a romp through various topics.

Ron's Topics: Ancestry Really?, Let's Get Along, No More Technology, Dollar Store Crap......... Guest: Dr. Tom Mascari about mosquitoes

Ron's Topics: Getting Some Sleep, Being Satisfied, Too Much Hair Shampoo....... Guest: Lifestyle Expert Cassey Ho talks about exercise and sleep habits

Ron's Topics: From Democracy To Autocracy, Rodman Goes To North Korea....... Guest: Celebrity Stylist Christian Ramirez talks about a Father's Day gift idea

Ron's Topics: Girls That Can Spell, Bean Supper?, Facebook Anger, Gullible Horoscopes...... Guest: Robert Montenegro about municipal water

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for a romp through various topics: 28 Year Blinds, Welcome To My Cloud, Cemetery Neighbors, Schwarzenegger Has A Uterus, Make Up Sex, The Shill........

Ron talks about pastel colored pants, naming people, eating cardboard..... Guest: Farmer Katie Pratt about GMOs

Topics: People Who Love Cats, Cool Ways To Avoid Social Contact, Be A Plumber......... Guests: Dr. Nicole Hurd and Other Guests discuss preparing for both college admission and fin...

Ron tries to understand Chinese food, extreme cravings, sleeping with your nose........... Guest: Dr Erika Gray about your DNA and Health Genetics

TORI ! 06/06/17 Tuesday

Kathy Griffin Also Isn't Funny, MSG Causes Bad Driving, Vow of Silence, Stay in Your House, Lady Dynamite is the Balls, Vape Cheap

Ron tries to understand our recently confusing political system, the strange world of boys sitting around a campfire.....Guest: Dr. Jeff Werber talks about dog allergies

Ron comments about: You Should Never Wear White Pants, Dogs Are People Too, other stuff... Guest: Author Robert Schmidt "Natural Born Leader".. Novel about a Trump type leader.

Ron talks about being attacked by a mosquito, getting a second opinion on everythimg, and other delightfully absurd topics.......... Guests: Lawn Care Experts Brian Manke and Missy...

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