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Finding Your Own People, Museum Respect, Running Away...... Guest: Cybersecurity Expert Mike Ahmadi

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for a romp through various subjects. Simpson Gets Springed, Good To Go, Tan Man, Bad Thrill Ride, Cotton Candy Phobia, other stuff

Ron talks about removing The Fake President.......... Guest: Lyft General Manager Tyler George

What's Up With Those Dreams?, Allergies Are Not Sexy, Amazing Talents.... Guest: Dr. Scott Adzick  Fetal surgeon at Philadelphia Children's Hospital

Results Not Typical, Cocktails vs. Lunch, Christmas In July......... Guest: Xiomara Padamsee about diversity in education

TORI ! 07/25/17 Tuesday

Legendary Pokemon Go Raids, Vinegar Stinks, Swedish Fish Made in Turkey, Electric Cup Warmers, Taste This, It's cold?

Talk With Francesca

Why We Make Bad Decisions, Buying Thing We Don't Need

Talk With Francesca

Guest: Author Tara Mohr

International House of Pancake Syrups, My Doctor Loves Me, You're Crazy, other stuff

Follow The Money, Trump Revealed, Cake And Fish (Fishcakes) By The Ocean.... Guest: Comedian Carey Reilly about backyard movie theaters

OJ's Parole Hearing Really?, A No Brainer, Bad Skin Rising, It's A Beach For Many.......... Guest: Dr. James Hendrix about Alzheimer's

Ron has been poked, Jury Duty story, other stuff... Guest: Recycling Expert Joseph Pickard with ISRI

You Don't Look So Good, Man Boobs, Can't Do Small Talk, other stuff... Guest: Franchise Expert Author Tom Scarda

The unexpected joys summer camp, Pasta shapes are absurd, No domains remaining......... Guest: Greg Goldfard with Go Daddy

Special Guest: Author John C. Fazio "Decapitating A Nation" about what really happened in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Pirate's Booty?, No More Privacy, I Can't Sew.....Guest: Melissa Bastos with Cotton Incorporated about back to school clothing

Fake President, Coffee Longevity, Wine Protocol, Bad Concert.... Guest: Sommelier Brian Phillips at Capital Grille

You Seriously Live Where? Comic Con People... Guest: Champion Speed Swimmer Dara Torres about psoriasis

I'm Not Putting My Fingers In Your Mouth, What Friends?...Guests: Comedian/Author Annabelle Gurwitch ...Dr. Richard Goldstein about leptospirosis in dogs

Ron talks about the concept of sex entertainment.... Guest: Owner and an Entertainer from Club Alex's in Massachusetts

Ron hates small talk, "I can squeeze you in", people who say "no problem".... Guests: Transformers actor Remi Adeleke.... Emily Dalton Smith about Facebook donations

Ron stung by bees, disgusting oysters, fireworks on TV don't make sense.... Guest: Dr. Bonnie Henderson about cataracts

Ron talks about the July 4th Holiday... Guests: Nutrition Expert Joy Bauer about hot dogs... Gene Policinski of the Newseum about their First Amendment Exhibit.... Bee Expert Mark ...

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