Archive for August 2017

Special: Celebrities With A Cause (Part One) ...Guests: Loni Anderson, Soleil Moon Frye, Jeff Gordon, Jennifer Beals

Ron talks about his dental appointment adventures...... Guest: Dr. Steven Daniels about gum disease

Ron talks about misleading Chinese food, no more summer stuff, we're all crazy....... Guest: Climate Change Expert Hugh Sealy

TORI ! 08/29/17 Tuesday

Special Episode: Marshfield Fair and Michelle Amberson of HK Slays Multimedia Fishing

Ron talks about finding weird things when you clean out a closet, annoying "Brad" the Car commercial, other stuff.... Guest: Linda Darling Hammond and Desiree Carver Thomas about t...

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation: Reclusive Times, Feng Shui Crazy, Latino Cooking Lady, Look Through The Little Hole, Transgender Military Blues, The Independents ...

My Eye Doctor is Hot, Authentic Things, I Was Forced To Go To Dancing School...... Guest: Optometrist Dr. Shamie about communicating with your Doctor

Buckets of Balls and Golf Pencils, How To Get Free Stuff, other topics.... Guest: Steve Faryan AFGE about NOAA Storm Center upcoming hurricane season forecast  

Enough With The Eclipse Thing, Is It Really Spring Water?, other stuff..... Guest: Scholastic Book Club Editorial Director David Allender

TORI ! 08/22/17 Tuesday

Viral Video Special NSFW

Eclipse with Ron from Knoxville, Bye Lewis, Dead Vampires, Aisle Numbers, other stuff.... Guest: Dave White from Home Depot about reducing energy bills

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron to discuss various topics: Please Resign, A Call To Shame, Sun Worship, Starz Tease, Naked Celebrities, Cabin In The Woods, Betsy Palmer, Casual Wee...

Ron talks about the Fake President..... Guests: Dog Expert Courtney Dasher and "Tuna"...Autotrader's Brian Moody about dogs riding in cars

Can We Fire The President?, Change It Up, other stuff.... Guest: Relationship Expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz

Ron talks about being a fish, sleeping during TV golf, we are nice cannibals.....guest: Author Arlie Russell Hochschild "Strangers In Their Own Land"

TORI ! 08/15/17 Tuesday

Afterlife Trolling, Taylor Swift Slam Dunk, Toilets Don't Evolve, New Movies, Old Guitar Uses, Hobo Armpits of Plastic.

Ron talks about the eclipse, bending down, wearing very little clothing in public,,,,,guest: Wildlife Direct CEO Paula Kahumba about African Elephants

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation about Bad Odds On Marriages, Emily Post-Its, Handling Pans, Those Crazy Girl Scouts, Going VHS, Pill Boxes, Mosh Pit Trust, Returni...

Topics: What We Think Is Sexy, Somebody Else's Blood, Difference Between Cats and Dogs, Ron's Fried Clam Story, Other Stuff

Ron talks about North Korea, Taking Supplements, Omega 3 Snake Oil... Guest: Dr. Leonard Guarente about The Fountain Of Youth

Superhuman Trailts, Taking A Poll, You Don't Need To Talk So Much...Guest: Wendy L. Wright, RN about "The Facts Of Lice"

TORI ! 08/08/17 Tuesday

Special Episode: Monologues, Commercial Reel, Singing in bars, cars, bathrooms and bed.

Ron talks about his restaurant dilemna, the world of pickles, Comcast surveys, "getting away"...Guest: Dr. Pichelmann of Mayo Clinic about scoliosis

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for talk about Movie Theater People, Facebook Problems, Liar Liar, Political Parties Are Like Religions, 4D By Accident

Don't Sit Next To Me, Mexican Boy Scouts, Stupid Musical Instruments... Chris Byrne: The Toy Guy

History Of Nothing, That Explains Everything, Dear Diary, Columbus Invasion.. Guest: Author Dale Zaris Dye "The Lust Of Linda Levy"

Atomic Blonde in 4D with Mystery Mist, Spam Subjects to Lure You, NPR Message Boards Will Eat You Alive, GoT/R&M Sunday, Muh Birfday.

Special Guest: Dennis Hof, owner of Bunny Ranch Brothels.....Ron also talks about Endless Mowing, The Aww Factor, other stuff

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