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Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for weird conversation about Sexy Accents, Cover Your Lens, Not Fit To Do It, Oyster Machine, Indestructible Corn, Tyson, Face East Please, Business...

Ron talks about absurd pants styles, nude beach people, weird golf clothes, women compliments.. Guest: Actress Drea DeMatteo about vaping

Vitamin Supplement Hell, I'm Getting Too Old For This, Lies My Mother Told Me... Guest: Stacey Davis Stewart talks about vitamins and The March Of Dimes

TORI ! 09/26/17 Wednesday

Are You Ready For Some Kneeling, Creatures of Habit, Dirty Jobs, No Boobs, Nasty Chewing, Doorbells

Ron talks about Trump's inability to shut up about various topics.. Guest: Robin Belburd about choosing healthcare

Ron talks about Trump's NFL  insults, two schoolyard psychopaths with weapons, bank survey gone right...Guest: Bank of America's Sharon Miller discusses treatment of women in busin...

Tori LaGarde joins Ron for bizzare conversation: Two Guys And A Truck And $500 Dollars, No Trauma Please, Time Change Not, Brain Space, Bruce and Laura, 22 Minutes of Fun, Get Off ...

Ron talks about ignorant people, health care misinformation, library stuff...Guest: Dr. Alyssa Dweck "V is for Vagina"

Ron talks about Trump at the UN, bad weather stuff, other topics.. Guests: Animal TV Pioneer Peter Gros...401K Expert Sarah Holden

TORI ! 09/19/17 Tuesday

I'm The Captain Now, Knowledgeable Brockton Cop, Boy George or Man George, Stupid Craigslist, Your Problems Are Valid, Remote Control Laundry.

Ron talks to comedy show producer Mark Chauppetta about various topics...Chef Stephen Bulgarelli talks about the perfect burger

Ron talks about his dating experiences with a high school cheerleader, storm phobia, negative people.. Guest: Groundbreaking Female Attorney in Saudia Arabia Shihana Alazzaz

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation about various topics: Off The Cuff Analogy, ESPN Trump Comment, Clinton Book Tour, Easy Comey..Easy Go, Movie's Creepy Prediction, ...

Ron talks about his bizzare hatred of clowns, his love of hot dogs, and many other weird opinions.... Guest: Creator of Captain Underpants Dav Pilky

Ron's Topics: What Are You Looking At? Battery Life Problems, The Bike Doesn't Go Anywhere..... Guest: Pain Specialist Dr. Mark Malone

You Talk Too Much, Bad Dog Food, Kill Them With Kindness and Donuts, Just Coffee... Guest: Professional Trucker Stephen Richardson

TORI ! 09/12/17 Tuesday

Miami Vice and Irma, ECAT Promo, I'm Sorry You Feel That Way Says a Jerk, Is the Pope Catholic?

Ron shows his dislike of certain medical situations. What Are You Billing Me For?, Juggling Doctors, Pasta Lovers.... Guest: Rebecca Rabbit about Medicare

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron to discuss Cell Phone Sickness, No Clocks, World of Mess, School Bus Seat Belts, Passes Away, Beware Relief Scams, General Lee Church, Bakery in Bak...

Ron talks about why we have stronger storms, then turns his attention to experts who discuss suicide prevention..... Experts: Dr. Kelly Posner Gerstenhaber and Dr. Christine Moutie...

Special: Ron conducts an extended interview with renowned psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Shrand

It's Ludacis, Odd Hurricane Names, She's a Peach, Busta Groin.... Guest: Stephanie Oswald with Travel Girl Magazine

TORI ! 09/05/17 Tuesday

Distracting News Ladies, Hurricanes Are Coming, Craigslist is a Bust, Snippy Dispatchers, Spider Tales and Body Holes.

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for eclectic conversation. Guest: Singer Shari Belafonte... Topics: Test Me, Labor Day, The Flood, Netflix Scam, Beware False Donations, Internet Sc...

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