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Ron takes satirical aim at this odd Halloween Holiday..... Guest: Author Colin Dickey "Ghostland: An American History In Haunted Places"

Humorist Tori LaGarde's Halloween Special with Manners and Vegans

Ron interviews guests about various topics: College Board Applications, Universities East, Nationwide Road Survey, Urban Dwellers Over 80, Sun Power Energy, Air Filters In Homes

Ron talks about reports of sexual advances, bad foods for pets, possible indictments, why Trump should listen.. Guest: Bachelorette Trista Sutter

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for a discussion of many topics: Somewhat A Costume, Halloweenie, Poll Check, Facebook Effort, You're Barron, Lawn Signs, An Eye For A Tooth, Doctor...

Francesca Luca's guest is Dr. Ernie Bodai, creator of the breast cancer stamp

Ron talks about people who literally stink, the freedom of being able to say what you want because you're old, enough of the Wizard of Oz ,other stuff...Guest: Celebrity Media Inte...

Ron's flu shot experience, and his vapid car didn't warn him about a hazard.... Guesty: Jane Sung of AARP talks about Medicare open enrollment

Ron talks about Melania Trump's anti-bullying campaign of irony, why the President needs intense therapy, other stuff.... Guest: Celebrity Chef Laura Vitale "Simply Laura" on Food ...

TORI ! 10/24/17 Tuesday

Google Spying, Malls Dying, Ticketed For Singing, Brush Your Teeth.

Host Francesca Luca interviews James and Lynee Bond

Ron complains that gas prices stay high two months after Harvey, Can't save money anymore..Guests: Dr. Luis Romano about flu shots, Dr. Ed Krenzelbok talks about cleaning out your ...

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for a romp through various subjects: Webster Correctly Said, That's Rubbish, No Compassion, It Was Bigger Than Me, Sugar Cubes, Haunted In Your Own ...

Famed Psychiatrist Dr. Joesph Shrand tackles the pain mamagement addiction topic

Ron performs the entire show with a British accent for absolutely no reason, complains about the Not So Minute Clinic...... Guest: Author and Actress Adriana Mather "Haunting The D...

TORI ! 10/17/17 Tuesday

Tillerson Can't Lie, Florida Braces for Nazi, Trump Won't Get The Football, Don't Compress My Gut.

Ron talks about his odd experiences at the local gym..... Guest: Weight Training Expert Rachel Straub "Weight Training Without Injury"

Ron talks about his Doctor who probes him while he wears a gown with the back open, what to wear to the bus stop, other stuff... Guest: Author and Dietitian Patricia Bannon talks a...

Francesca's guest is Lauren Briar

Ask The Dog Lady 10/16/17

JM Pet Resort CEO Jeni Mather is 'The Dog Lady" and answers questions from listeners with the help of Dr. Adam Page DVM and Hospital Administrator Joyce Poliatti on this debut epis...

Ron is joined by Tori LaGarde to discuss various topics in a bold manner. Some topics: Sleep Is Better Than Sex, Are You Smarter Than A President?, Flu Shot Supermarket, Sneeze On ...

Ron talks about the word "friend" and how we misuse it, the Mexicans will pay for my aura wall, other stuff... Dr. Melanie Ross Mills talks about lending money to a friend

Ron talks trash about his trash pick up... Guest: Dave Asprey CEO Bulletproof 360... Living With COPD, filmmaker Abbey Levine and Dr. Breion Tafoya

Ron is hounded by charities and doesn't like it....... Guest: Dance Moms and Nickelodeon  Star JoJo Siwa "JoJo's Sweet Life"

Ron doesn't understand the whole Columbus thing... Guest: Dr. Andrew Sulich talks about body pain when we age

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for conversation about various topics: Old Farmers, Moron For Rex, Bad PR, This Is Not The Time?, Public Life, Body Cam, Squirrel Crossing, Self Dri...

Ron brings up his sex life in camp, Hypnotic Fun, Finding Yourself, In My Room... Guest: Trudie Loban about Afib

Ron looks at Romper Room, Where's My Miracle?, Bowling Shoes & Heels, PR for PR... Guests: Homeland Security Cyber Official Princess Young and Expert Mike Kaiser discuss cyber ...

TORI ! 10/5/17 Thursday

She Bangs, Oak Leaves, I Kissed Lenny, Just Say Thank You, Don't Do Him Like That, Awful Laughs, 1979, Cold or Allergies?

Topic: Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Its My Life, Its My Call

Guest: Playing Big with Tara Mohr

Guest: Leslie Morgan Steiner about domestic violence

Guest: Eric Vance, Your Brain's Ability To Deceive, Transfor, Heal

Guest: Doug Noll, Prison of Peace

Ron talks about bad shopping carts, distressed things, Walmart shoppers, no salad for me.. Guest: PGA Pro Golfer Tim Herron

TORI ! 10/3/17 Tuesday

She Bangs, Oak Leaves, I Kissed Lenny, Just Say Thank You, Don't Do Him Like That, Awful Laughs, 1979, Cold or Allergies?

Ron performs various interviews today... Guests: Tech Expert Aaron Baker about cell phones, Dr. Richard Chung about meningococal disease, Disabled Vets challenge themselves to summ...

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