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Ron has year end banter with humorist Tori LaGarde. They both interview TV personality Vicki Lawrence.

Ron reviews 2018 "The Year That Sucked".....Guest: President and CEO of Global Alliance Phil Reitlinger talks about internet scams

Ron flaunts Trump's Hypocrisy, finds that Hell has indeed frozen over, criticizes New Year's Holiday...Guest: Dr. Leonard Friedland says you can still get the flu

Ron complains about his childhood snowsuit, taking out the trash, and Merry Whatever.... Guest: Rebecca Lindland of Kelly Blue Book about electric cars

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for a talk romp: Chanukah vs. Xmas, YouTube and My Tube, Temporarily Permanent, Forever Stamps Up, Going Postal, Bieber vs. Trump vs. Gomez, Enough ...

Ron is hounded by charities and doesn't like it....... Guest: Dance Moms and Nickelodeon  Star JoJo Siwa "JoJo's Sweet Life"

Ron exposes a religious scam, Putin's puppet, rich people actually can die...Guest: Author Mira Bartok "The Wonderling"

Amazon Crime, Sloppy Speaker, Cookie Convenience, Accidents Will Happen, UFO vs Zombies, OCD

Ron discusses the irony of hiring women, New Years Resolutions that never work, nice legs...Guest: Dr. Matthew Pittman talks about controlling your weight during the Holidays

Ron talks about a bad tax plan, rising costs on everything, his gross misunderstanding of sushi, other stuff....Guest: Author Jonathan Greenblatt "The Good Fight and Anti Defamatio...

Francesca's guest thinks famed columnist Dorothy Kilgallen knew too much and was murdered

Ron talks to various specialists about Holiday topics: TV Host Emily Loftiss with gift ideas, Melissa Gerstein of The Moms has Holiday tips, Chef James Briscione talks about Holida...

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron to cover various topics: Supplements, Moore Fun, Omarosa Fired Again?, Harassment and Old Lace, Bandwith Blues, UV Light and Hotels, Other People's ...

Ron talks about his awkward relationship with his doctor, peeing in cups, weighing in, other stuff.... Guest: Dr. Alice Boghosian DDS about healthy holiday teeth

Ron talks about his makeup obcessed mother...Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber discusses caring for our pets during the winter.

Ron talks about Roy Moore's Jew comments, an army of bell riners, Chef Mario Batali's sex problem....Guest: ABC's "The Chew" Chef Carla Hall

Busy Signals, Bad 90's Made For Television Movies, Golden Globes, Good Ol' Roy, Brilliant

Ron talks about his stand-up comedy days, stupid camouflage shirt, snow is bad, other stuff...Guest: Relaxation Expert Dr. Elena Brower

Topics: Her Nose Is On It, No Wedding Cake For You, Funky Town, Full Moon, Mind Moving Matter, Psychic Really?, Spirit Gum, other stuff

Allison Flicker from Amamzon tells Ron about the Amamzon Treasure Truck that delivers gifts and cheer to thousands of children and families in need.

Ron talks about Wendy's square burgers, obcessed football fans, other stuff

Ron discusses his bitter hatred toward glitter, wearing your glasses halfway down your nose, other stuff....Guest: Dr. Peter Toth about triglycerides

Ron discusses his bitter hatred toward glitter, wearing your glasses halfway down your nose, other stuff....Guest: Dr. Peter Toth about triglycerides

TORI ! 12/05/17 Tuesday

Waffles, Tweeter, Everest vs Titanic, Line Cutters, Flushable wipes

Ron recounts Billy Bush on the bus, coconut water, insane relationship levels... Guest: Rebecca Rabbit gives last call for medicare enrollment

On-Line Scam, Don't Diss The FBI, Full Moon,  It's Too Long... Guest: mediation, yoga, aroma expert Elena Brower

Ron speaks to many Holiday Shopping experts...Chris Byrne-The Toy Guy, Andrew Kransy, Food Channel's Ingrid Hoffman, Travelocity Expert Juulia Dimon, LIfetime TV Host Evette Rios

Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron as they devote the show to reviewing the continued mental breakdown of Trump.

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