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Ron is upset at a major phone company about charges, why we put squids in our mouths...Guest: Author James Dennison about Vietnam War "Survivor Love Thy Enemy"

Ron discovers that HGTV reality is faked, there are people everywhere, constant travel advisory...Guest: Pres/CEO American Trucking Transportation Research Rebecca Brewster points ...

Ron is annoyed by fussy screaming children, knows it's 5 o'clock somewhere, is disappointed in his favorite restaurant....Guest: Author Nicole Kelly, M.D. "69 Shades of Nashville":...

Ron somewhat fondly remembers in-home Doctor visits, tricking his Mother that he was sick, and talks about his chain-smoking family physician... Guest: Dr. Heather Hawthorne of Doc...

Ron thinks everybody is going crazy, talks about his disgust with small talk, Trump's diversion.... Guest: Dr. Gary Sachs is an expert on bipolar disorder

Ron examines Trump's war against anyone who opposes him, Ron's eye doctor visit yesterday, other stuff...Guest: Annessa Chumbley talks about eating organic and offers some recipes

Tori Lagarde hosts...Topics: Winter Games of Speed, Free WiFi Spies, Baby Smell, Old Scandals, Tom Brady's Soul, Katy Perry AGAIN?

Ron devotes this episode to the implications of extraterrestrial visitations and possible government cover-ups with author and researcher Gerard Aartsen in an extended interview LI...

Ron examines the wacky world of thermometers, mourns the bank savings account demise...Guest: Jay Shah is CEO of Personal Capital discussing how to know your financial status

Ron tells the story of the porn star and the President, a nation becoming comfortably numb, from Russia with cash... Guest: Probiotic Expert Mahmoud Ghannoum

Ron actually went to the gym yesterday, sort of... and talks about the banana colored pants syndrome... Guest: Ted Beck, National Endowment  for Finance talks about financal shock

Ron talks about his regrettable fast food visitation, Trump's supposed health, what to do with all that pulp....Guest: Health Expert and NYT Bestselling Author Frances Largeman-Rot...

At Least I'm Consistent, Mahi Mahi is Redundant... Guest: Dr. Scott Adzick of Philadelphia Childrens Hospital talks about performing fetal surgery

Ron is fed up with Trump and here's why..........Guests: Guiliana and Bill Rancic talk about bringing back family time 

Ron chews up bedtime stories that we were told as kids...Guest: Nutrition Expert Jessica Levinson talks about a healthy New Year with vitamins

Ron explores our personality types and our tolerances...Guest: Author Gretchen Rubin "The Four Tendencies"

Ron is confused. Why do we pay insurance?, Why wasn't there an election re-do?, Why is Facebook controlling us?......Guest: Mobile Security Expert Ojas Rege

Ron talks about Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon"........Guest: Author Alicia Walker explores women that have sexual affairs in her book "The Secret Life Of The Cheating Wife"

Golden Globes, Oprah For President, Plane Pooper, Talking Dog, Fire and Fury

Ron talks about President's mental stability, a comparable heat wave, upcoming RONCON events.... Guest: Money Expert Alia Dudum about paying off Holiday credit card debt

Ron interviews many guests on varied topics of interest: Dr. Michael Breger "How Not To Die", Cancer Survivor Kathy Flora and Rebecca Nellis about going to one's job after diagnosi...

Ron tells his tale of no smoking, upcoming eye doctor appointment, other stuff...Guest: Dr. Amanda Graham is Senior VP at Innovations talking about how to quit smoking

Ron answers emails and letters from listeners...... Guest: Kerry Sweeney from Fidelity about single women managing their money

Ron talks about Trump's childish tweet, snow shovel story, bad start to year...Guest: Micah Muzio from Kelly Blue Book reveals best cars of 2018

Ron is a bit sickly, his exercise bike is ready, other stuff..... Guest: Author Elan Greenfield LIVE from Israel "My Jerusalem: The Eternal City"

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