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Ron regrets not doing a diary, questions the reason for ancestry searches, and buys a star.....Guest: Robyn Moreno with Facebook Marketplace

Ron wishes his Doctor was as loving as his veterinarian...Guest: Actress Maria Menounos about Beverly Hills Dog Show

Ron looks at the supposed "Wall", tries to understand the "new normal", and remembers strange habits from his childhood..Guest: Dr. Dustin Deming about gastrointestinal concerns

Ron talks about how Senator Rick Santorum dissed the student movement, the Better Business Bureau warns against personal info on social media, and other stuff......Guest: Dr. Raj D...

Ron tackles many topics including digging for ear wax, bizzare nasal relief, pillow tags, losing weight, Stormy Daniels stuff and much more...Guests: Home Improvement Expert George...

Her Shoe Obsession, Complimenting Babies, Falling Space Junk, other stuff..Guest: Author Steve Phillips "Brown Is The New White" about what happened in the 2016 election

Ron doesn't trust Facebook, opening his arms, and other topics..... Guest: Dr. Seth Baum talks about cholesterol meds and how expensive crucial ones are not covered by insurance

Ron interviews experts in this bonus episode. Larry Lewis talks about warfare using artificial intelligence, Travel Girl Stephanie Oswald, Go Daddy security expert Tony Perez, Jour...

Ron talks about the porn star, the contestant, and the playboy bunny; Trump's congrats to Putin...Guest: Travel Expert Amy Goodman talks about weird places to visit

Ron looks at the self-driving car problem, Ron's urine test, other stuff.. Guest: Food Network Chef Cici Carmichael

Ron examines the power of the mind, wonders about Reiki, and remembers when he could walkm into the woods......Guest: Dr. Cass Ingram "The Lyme Disease Cure"

Ron talks about being hit up for money from alumni groups, missing the family values.....Guest: Actress Bailee Madison about her new movie "the Strangers: Prey At Night"

Ron takes a hard look at so-called opinion surveys, finds no way to tip the Chef, other stuff...Guest: Journalist Patricia Schultz talks about women who travel

Ron wants to move where there is no snow, what the heck is applewood?, everyone complains about something...Guest: Jill Geisler from the Newseum in Washington DC

Ron lost an hour with the clock thing, cable company visit, Weather Expert Jim Clambaker gives the snow forecast... Guest: Author Reggie Hill "Lakewood: Reggie and Anita's Camelot"

Planes, Trains and Lyft, SoBe, Hostels, New York City in 2 Hours, When Exes Girlfriends Hit You Up

Ron hates storms and snow, dislikes American Idol, and remarks at stupid phrases...Guest: New England Patriot Malcolm Mitchell "The Magician's Hat"

Ron ponders the question: "What's The Deal With Florida?"....Guest: Author John Hart, NYT bestseller "The Hush"

Francesca Luca hosts comedian, actress and author Katie Goodman.

Ron has the memory of a jellyfish, Ryan Seacrest scandal, Stormy Daniels vs. Trump... Guest: Sr. VP Fidelity Retirement Ken Hevert

Ron realizes that we're all idiots, playing for the lottery win, finding Mother Nature, battery life...Guest: Dr, Michael Callaghan about hemophilia

Ron lost his power this weekend while Trump exercised his, dictators for life, other stuff... Guest: Dr. Hermanowiez about Parkinson's Disease and medical advances

Host Francesca Luca...featuring award-winning author and journalist Peggy Orenstein.

Ron talks about his awful vacation in the "mountains", how to name cheese, other stuff... Guest: Bachelorette Celebrity Trista Sutter and Ron talk about clean air

Ron remembers the days when actual people answered the phone, his revolt against robots...Guests: Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan from "Go Fug Yourself" about holding an Oscar par...

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