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Ron is embarrassed by White House Media Dinner, Insult Humor, Kim's Plan For Peace, other stuff.... Guest: Alison Summerville from Ally Bank talks about financial knowledge

Ron tries to guess what Jesus would do in situations that he probably didn't encounter....Guest: Author Lauren Marino "What Would Dolly Parton Do?"

Ron rags on couples getting married and then turns his comments toward having a baby....Guest: Dr. Lara Devgan talks about physically prepping for your wedding

Ron tells of his encounter with a lovely woman at an intersection and relays his experience at the Dollar Store... Guest: Dr. Richard Collins is The Cooking Cardiologist

Ron continues his rant about false medical bills, aging process, internet surveys, and other stuff... Guest: Dr. Nikole Benders Hadi from Doctor On Demand about postpartum depressi...

Ron recalls his semi-Jewish childhood, talks about world crisis in the hands of inexperienced kids, and the ailments of growing older.... Guest: National Safety Council President a...

Ron wishes someone had a time machine, Trump's legacy, letters from listeners....Guest: Dr. John Friedewald Medical Director Northwestern Memorial Hospital about organ donations

Ron tries to figure out this gluten thing and visits a sleep lab to find out if he snores....Guest: Dr. Julie Gatza about gluten intolerance

Ron ponders some of the miracles that took place in biblical times and then rags on the coffe shop industry....Guest: Dr. Micheal D. Lewis talks about brain care

Ron can't remember all his passwords and now he's screwed, and he struggles to decide about donating his organs...Guest: Executive Director for Middle Market Business Thomas Stewar...

Ron is confused and upset about charity manipulation tactics, other stuff....Guest: Horniculture Career Expert Susan Yoder "Seed Your Future"

Host Francesca Luca speaks to guests Dr. James Greenblatt, and author and counselor Jodi Aman.

Ron sneezes when he encounters human beings and he describes his "run in" with an insult comic....Guest: Linda DeCarlo of US Postal Service talks about dog bites on postal routes

Ron goes to a media cocktail mixer, recalls nearly nothing, and acts very grumpy about it.... Guest: Dr. Thomas Lickoma discusses his new book "How To Raise Kids And Get Respect,Gr...

Francesca Luca interviews Michael Fenster

Ron voices his insecurity about security, Zuckerberg testifies, and Ron faces off with Facebook....Guest: Jason Oxman with Electronic Transaction Association

Ron is faced with strange choices, takes a tour of his own basement, and remembers the simple life... Guests: Diet Expert Brooke Schoonenberg with Katie Hancock

Ron interviews three tax experts about tax tips... Guests: CPA Mark Kohler, Melissa Ridolfi from Fidelity Investments, and tax expert Sara Holden

Ron complains about Facebook, Pictures of Food, Three Word Names, and other stuff... Guest: Author Mary Higgins Clark "I've Got My Eyes On You"

Ron drinks vinegar, complains about fast food, and tells you where to get free stuff...Guests: Singer/Songwriter Linda Perry and Singer Willa Amai   

Ron is frustrated today. Traffic is beyond tolerable, public rest rooms are a mess, and everyone is  a prostitute. Guest: Micah Muzio of Kelly Blue Book is LIVE at New York Auto Sh...

Ron looks at the sweater thing, criticizes Donald, and boycotts Sinclair TV stations...Guest: Dr. Peter Toth about triglycerides

Ron delivers a heart to heart message to Lying Donny Trump and looks at ridiculous products......Guest: Dr. Eric Nottmeier from the Mayo Clinic about back pain

Ron exposes Sinclair Media's propaganda agenda, talks about lies that our parents told us, and tries to have some faith in humanity........ Guest: Paralypmic Medal Winner Andrew Ku...

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