Archive for May 2018

Ron suggests that Trump sign up for the trip to Mars, talks about the real reason people get married, Wishes not to sit so much......... Guest: Dr. Cass Ingram "The Cure Is In The ...

Ron talks about Roseanne's tweet and comments on our society in this country today..... Guest: Expert John Poss discusses the magic of the cannabis plant

Ron "pokes" fun at sexual perfromance products and also notices how eyeglasses have become sexy...Guest: Lifestyle Expert Candice Kimai about apple cider vinegar craze

Ron examines the world of hot dogs and other BBQ weird foods. He also complains about sports where you need to go chasing the balls....Guest: Food Allergy Specialist Dr. Hernandez ...

Ron points out that we do most things because we "have to", talking about Barry White's sex thing, turning back time....Guest: Dr. Jeffrey Janis tells us the do's and dont's of pla...

Ron wanders into Starbucks and is lost. He also ponders the installation of public breast milk dispensers. Guest: Author Ajay Kaul "Mumbai Matinee" about India

Ron goes to the "zoo of life", tries to impress his Doctor, and asks if you really want honesty.... Guest: National Geographic Kids Almanac VP Jennifer Emmett

Ron gets deep into the pitfalls of humanity and then warns us to start paying attention to things.... Guest: Dr. Ralph Morris is an expert on public swimming pool health hazards

Ron recounts his experience at the Royal wedding as a guest. He also complains about getting old... Guest: Dr. Robi Ludwig talks about incontinence

Ron is requested to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle, then he shifts to bowling shoes....Guest: Author Gary Burnison "Lose The Resume" about landing a new job

Ron looks at how dancing has evolved to public sexual displays...Guest: Author Barbara Hannah Gruffedrman "Love Your Age" about losing bone density

Ron imagines why he wasn't invited to the Royal Wedding and if he'll choose the chicken for the wedding reception dinner.... Guest: Dr. Kristi Funk is a breast cancer surgeon who t...

All interview special includes: Amy Hennesy about medicare kids, Jack Vanderhei and Sara Wiener about retirement, Cindy Baier about caregivers, Major John Adams about the Spartan R...

Ron has reached the point in his life where hair is growing in the wrong places, Ron wants to counter Facebook with his own social media idea..... Guest: Author Karen Karbo "Diffic...

Ron is disgusted by White House comment, talks about immigration, and questions the celebration of some Holidays......... Guest: Author Roger Higgins "Billy Gogan American"

Ron tals about sex with some experts in sexual pleasure... Guests: Author ME Sims "A Liitle Bit of Pleasure"...Dennis Hoff owns the Bunny Ranch Brothels in Nevada

Ron didn't get invited to the Royal Wedding, our fear of getting wet, and Abnormal becomes normal... Guest: Author Dr. Cristal Glangchai "Venture Girls"

Ron comments on Trump's decision to pull out... (of Iran Deal)...Credit Card Frustrations...Guest: Pet Expert Lindsey Wolko talks about travelling with dogs in the car

No Guests today..just Ron spouting off about various topics.

Ron struggles to understand sushi, enjoys the comedy of Rudy Giuliani, and wants AT&T to stop selling him....Guest: Actress Katie Cassidy about a financial cafe

Ron recalls peeing in a pool and realizes that the phrase "it's a thing" is just an excuse... Guest: Head of Facebook Policy Management Monika Bickert

What Do Dreams Really Mean?, Listen To Your Childhood, Lunch On Thursday?... Guest: American Legion Commander Denise Rohan

Ron talks about wearing white pants and wonders why men's breasts are ok in public but women's are not...Guest: Wine Sommelier Sarah Tracey is LIVE at Churchill Downs

Ron continues to live in a world that makes no sense. Topics: Playing With Food, Getting High, Stupid Sports.. Guests: Elizabeth McCall and Chris Morris are Master Bourbon Distille...

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