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Ron takes the time to rip Trump a new butt......Guest: Author Elaine Halligan "My Child's Different"

Ron talks about the cold snap, donuts that kill, and one's first sexual experience....Guest: Dr. Scott Adzick is the head of fetal surgery at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia

Ron Van Dam and Elesia Carey do the "Chit Chat" segment, tackling the age old question "Do I Look Fat?"

Ron takes on the least intelligent President who thinks he's the smartest....Guest: Food Network Chef Molly Yeh

Actress/Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron to discuss Flying Cars; Name Calling; Repeating Yourself; Making a Long Story Longer; Tubs of Cheese; John Boy; Racist Hand Dryer; "Would Yo...

Ron doesn't quite believe in astrology. He then questions what people really knew in Biblical times.... Guest: Dr. Michael Crupain "What To Eat When"

Ron continues to rant about late night commercials and then wonders why people are so weird with zoo animals..... Guest: Dr. Chris Robinson about IBS and pregnancy

Ron Van Dam and Elesia Carey do a short Chit Chat about social a social topic: Sociual Media Good and Evil

Ron complains about pumping gas, paying for air, and tries to understand virtual reality...Guest: Author Jennifer Couts Clay "Jetliner Cabins: Evolution and Innovation"

Ron is full of complaints today....Guest: Christy Wilson Delk "Adventures In Franchise Ownership"  

Tori LaGarde joins Ron For conversation about various topics: Holiday Rules; The 70's; Touching Richie Havens; Gillette Ad; Wipe Your Mouth; Tattoo Face; Uber Questions; Would You ...

Ron doesn't like the shared ride thing, questions why we laugh at sex, and talks about the useful idiot Trump.....Guests: Authors Julian Zelizer and Kevin Kruse "Fault Lines: A His...

Ron looks at scams that take advantage of bad events, Trump and Puppet Pence's declaration, and the baggage history that comes with certain names.

Ron and Elesia Carey discuss the meanings of our dreams when we sleep

Ron ponders some of the miracles that took place in biblical times and then rags on the coffe shop industry....Guest: Dr. Micheal D. Lewis talks about brain care

Ron gets extra grumpy today with comments about childhood jobs, manipulating your parents, thinking your child is so wonderful, and the progression of routines.

Actress/Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron today to discuss various topics: Furlough Time, Baby Trump, Lights Down, Who Cares?, Ping Update, Smart Jelly Fish, Accents, No Academy Deci...

Ron tries to explain why this now dangerous shutdown didn't need to happen and then blames certain factions for our nightmare.... Guest: CEO of TechSavvy Global Scott Steinberg LIV...

Ron talks about the Wall and the government shutdown in simple terms....Guest: Dr. Tavel exposes " Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks"

Ron takes a look at gambling, state lotteries, Keno, scratch tickets, and hope through stupidity... Guest: Paul Golden "Smart About Money"

Ron Van Dam is in Boston. Elesia Carey is a coffee shop in New York City. Once a week, they discuss a social topic.

Ron doesn't understand why women need makeup and criticizes Cindy Crawford.... Guest: Author Jon Kabut Zinn "The Healing Power Of Mindfulness"

Actress/Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for eclectic conversation...Lights Down; Fun To Stay At YMCA?; Hart Awards; Celebrity Roasts; Spacey Force; Still Flu; Would You Rather? 

Ron got on the scale and is not happy about it.....Guest: Exercise Guru Jeff Zwiefel is CEO of Life Time, Inc

Ron has problems checking out at a CVS. He also describes his rules at his own parties and then questions a certain odd sexual pleasure..... Guest: Dr. Benjamin Brucker has a solut...

Ron takes cynical notice of shoppers at Walmart and how to return merchandise... Guest: Dr. Katz talks about eating healthier in the new year.

Ron Van Dam and Elesia Carey talk about social issues and attitudes. Today's Topic: New Year Resolutions

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