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Ron doesn't like to sweat, much less go to the gym. He also suggests a name change for a Presidential candidate... Guest: Lisa Brennan Jobs is the daughter of Steve Jobs and reveal...

Ron hits a number of odd topics about weird life experiences...Guest: Relationship Expert Rachel DeAlto about tolerating co-workers and "work families"

Ron has Presidential sex dreams. He also discovers that we all have disease tags declared by doctors.....Guest: Wellness Expert Ky Nix talks about essential oils

Ron reviews Trump's latest sexual closet of horrors, then talks about high expectations and ideas that don't live up to the hype...Guest: Dr. Barrie Tan discusses Vitamin E myths

Actress/Humorist/Oracle Tori LaGarde joins Ron for today to discuss various topics: Chicken Strip Mall, Paying The Ransom, Cher Has It, Fob This, Taking The Fall, She's Dope, and o...

Ron talks about the Chick-Fil-A controversy and other unrelated topics...Norbert Hosier is a Watch Dog for the cell phone industry with some startling findings

Ron explores the world of people who play golf. He then turns tries to figure out the purpose of Vermont...Guest: Food Expert Jessie Price talks about farmers markets

Ron looks at Trump's re-election bid, complains about yard work, and remarks about relationships...Guest: Dr. De Marneffe "The Rough Patch Marriage and the Art of Living Together"

Ron hates ticks and camping...Guests: Dr. Stacey Loeb about men's health concerns and Dr. Magdy Milad about women's health concerns

Actress/Humorist/Oracle Tori LaGarde joins Ron for this episode as they romp through various topics: Fantasy Sports?, Walmart in Da House, Resorting To No Good, Cycle Festival, Men...

Ron devotes this program to new interviews with experts in many topics...National Safety Council Amy Artuso about preventing accidents, "Extreme Weather" author Bonnie Schneider, A...

Ron tries to figure out traffic and wrong turns in making choices...Guest: Tv Host/ Legal Analyst/ Author Dan Abrams "Theodore Roosevelt For The Defense"

Ron visits the inappropriate mind of Trump. He also comments on foot fetishes and a dog's mouth care...Guest: Dr. Evan Anton from Animal Planet

Ron talks about a feeling of unity with gay pride displays; the importance and path to defeating Trump...Guest: Dr. David Sussman discusses BPH and prostate-aging concerns

Ron tries to understand why Amazon paid no Federal taxes in 2018. He also tells a story about being arrested (sort of)......Guest: Former Pentagon Speech Writer Jon Gan "White Hous...

Actress/ Humorist/Oracle Tori LaGarde joins Ron on Mondays to discuss some topical items: Trump in England, Robo Blocking, More Than A Postage Stamp, Walmart Employee In My House, ...

Ron questions the need to know your ancestry for recreational purposes. He also talks about "Nasty Trump"....Guest: Dr. Robert Nussbaum about genetic testing for health reasons

Ron looks at Switzerland gun laws, reviews a decades old TV religious scam, and discusses other topics...Guest: Author Cindy Klement "Your Body's Environmental Burden"

Ron celebrates modern bathrooms and comments on warm bread in restaurants..Guest: Author Ann Marie Hancock "You Can't Drive Your Car To Your Own Funeral"

Ron rants about awkward name tags at social gatherings, awful hairstyles, weather related small talk, and other stuff...Guest: Author Rich Karlgaard "Late Bloomers"

Ron is getting caught up in the Amazon craze and proceeds spit in a tube to trace his past...Guest: Nathan Hemmelgram about educating kids during the summer

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