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So this is the last day of April? Where did the time go? Ron regrets ordering things off the TV commercials... Guest: Dr. Jacqueline Jones "Medical Parenting"

Ron recalls his days in school as a kid that were not so great.... Guest: Children's Book Author Joy Cho "Oh Joy"

Ron performs a potpourri of things and people that bother him, and it's extensive... Guest: Author Nina Sossoman-Pogue "This Is Not The End"

Ron suggests some weird things to do to entertain yourself. He then continues to observe the things in life that make no sense....Guest: Author/Sports Expert Jim Buckley "Show Me H...

In this extended version, Ron has conversation and a drink with writer/comedian John Shanahan... Guest: Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) Owner Jim Koch

Ron reads the instructions on boxes and discovers some crazy stuff. He also looks at people who are either book or street smart... Guest: Katy Fenn of World Wildlife Fund

Ron points out your physical hang ups in a polite, yet biting manner... Guest: Jeff Kerr represents PETA in an effort to end wild animal abuse by Tiger King particpants

Ron gets directed to Facebook by mistake and is reminded of that hellish social world.. Ron checks in with Stephanie to see how she's passing the time at home.

Ron remarks at Trump delaying stimulus checks. Ron also discovers that zombies are a Federal concern... Guest: Dr. Jim Bell about 30 years of the Hubble Telescope

Ron remarks at how violent bedtime stories are part of raising kids. In "Fact Of The Day", Ron informs you about insect parts in your food.... Guest: Social Media Personality and A...

Ron starts a jigsaw puzzle with great frustration. He then ponders the plight of Humpty Dumpty...Guest: Dan Buettner "The Blue Zones Kitchen"

Ron tries to bake and it doesn't work out well. He then blames this new generation for ruining romance. Want to look smart? Wear glasses....Guest: Reporter/Author Jennifer Steinhau...

Ron remebers his unsocialized childhood. He then looks at parents that have way too many children. Other topics are equally demeaned... Guest: Learning Expert Dana Stahl gives us t...

Ron hits some weird topics today. Asian cultures are cheeseless. Can Amazon technically deliver anything? Please put some clothes on. Nude beaches are not necessarily pretty.

Ron rummages through many topics of weirdness as he wanders down a path with no marked trails. He reviews his childhood, giving birth, ordering in a restaurant, free bread, etc... ...

Ron offers insight on trying to keep things normal. He actually colored his hair recently for no reason. He also tries to weed out the empty compliments.

Ron hates to go to the dentist. So now, he can't. Ron also looks at other social weirdness... Guest: Author Benjamin Oliver "The Loop"

Ron compares fake plants to how we run our lives. He then continues to try to explain things to younger people.. Guest: Author Sarah Knight "F*ck No" and "Get Your Sh*t Together"

Ron explores the stupid board games that he played as a kid. He then shifts his attention to other stuff that makes no sense... Guest: Author Nancy E. Head "Restoring The Shattered...

Ron rummages through a number of everyday life topics that make no sense until he talks about it. 

Ron hits a number of pointless topics that actually make slight sense. Why is pizza so darn expensive? Some of our expressions are stupid and annoying. No more self-maintenance.

Ron discovers the difference between cats and dogs: Cats are crazy. Ron also points out how kids have no ability to listen to adults...Guest: Author/Professor James Kurth "The Amer...

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