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Ron visits a bowling alley and finds a pant load of odd activity.... Guest: Dr. Donnica Moore talks about painful sex

Ron departs from the comedy satire format because he's disappointed with our society that is out to destroy ourselves. He focuses on the unvaccinated that are now largely responsib...

It's a monologue. Ron gets his annual physical later today and it's always an adventure. "You know what I'm saying?"

Ron monologues it today. He still wants to be the Pope, but it's not happening. He also gives strict advice on how to break up with someone. It actually works very well.

Ron continues his disappointment in the human race. It's become a "thing".... Guest: Dr. Kimberly Kenton talks about pelvic disorders that are never discussed

Ron admits that he doesn't quite understand this "Olympic Games" thing. He also has a word or two for D.J.s.......... Guest: Dr. Joshua Woolley talks about psychedelics used in med...

Ron "googles" Vanna White's salary on Wheel of Fortune and is astounded with disgust..... Guest: Kristie Wolfe owns the Big Idaho Potato Hotel. Yes, you stay overnight in a potato

Is it too late to save our own Planet? Seems like all we're concerned about saving... is money on car insurance. Today's guest is author Marina Psaros "The Atlas of Disappearing Pl...

It's "National Ron Is Disappointed With You Day". It's a national holiday, because we admit that human beings have a natural ability to screw things up totally.... Guest: Jacquie A...

Ron remarks at how 40 is the new 70. He thinks we all turn into our parents and realize that after the horrifying reality of having children...... Guest: Former Mayor, U.S. Congres...

Ron encounters situations that make no sense. Sometimes we can try to resolve them, but we really just complain about them. It's so much easier.

Ron monologues this one, as the show never really starts. It does, but it doesn't. There are some weird opinions in this one, but for entertainment purposes only.

Ron babbles through various social topics in a manner that defies gravity. This show is like taking gummy vitamins that taste good, but possibly serve no purpose.

7/13/21 Worst Ideas Ever

Ron does a special interview today with author Michael N, Smith "100 Of The Worst Ideas In History"

Ron starts to question our places of higher learning. He also has a bone to pick with staying in other people's houses and sitting in their cars.... Guest: Kristie Wolf created the...

Ron explores topics that no one else would dare. How about baby tossing? Finding lost items in your couch? Why don't women wear any pockets?.... Guest: Kelly Blue Book's Micah Muzi...

Ron talks about his restaurant server with amazement. He also looks at your colon.... Guest: Journalist and Legal Analyst Aaron Solomon about the Britney Spears conservatorship

Ron recalls the Slinky and the Pet Rock. Someone made a ton of money from our stupidity....... Guests: Joe Nadglowski and Patricia Nece talk about solutions to fat shaming

Ron looks at inventions that cook our food. There's way too many of them, making life harder and not easier........... Guest: Chef Josh Capon talks grilling beef

7/5/21 Interview Special

This show is comprised of all interviews. Claire O'Connor is the head of content at Bumble Dating Site; Katrina Jones with Fannie Mae talks about home buying; Todd Grantham talks a...

Ron interviews Author Seth Radwell about his new book "American Schism: How The Two Enlightenments Hold The Secret To Healing Our Nation"

Ron takes a look at the July 4th holiday. Time to eat bad foods, get drunk, tramatize your dog, and stupidly blow your fingers off.... Enjoy.

Ron tries to understand our odd relationship with lobsters. He also uses 5G technology to hang up on people..... Guest: Professional Lobster Fisherman Chris Welch

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